Open source escrow accounts : Creating an new wikipedia in the end based on block chain

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For large projects like wikipedia we would like to have an escrow account to donate parts of our proceeds to when we use bits of content from them. For example if you copy text or images from wikipedia, the license system will detect or allow you to declare usage of that. Then if you get a payout you will want to declare the wikipedia escrow account to be a benefactor to a percent of your post. This steem will be collected and paid out via a normal donation to the wikipedia project at some point when it accumulates.

This will allow for users to donate back value to the wikipedia project for providing value.

Now this can be expanded to include for example payouts to libraries you use or editors you like. For example I like the emacs editor and I could give a donation to the fsf for the editor I am using on a project. But also I am using the elm-mode for emacs so that would be another project.

So assuming this one project does not have a payout setup yet, we could still collect money for it and then later contact the author and ask how they would like to pay it out. We could have some type of proof of ownership system like is used by or to let the project declare how to pay out.

So in summary we need the following features added :

  1. Ability to put payments in escrow to an open source project there are a number of projects that let you donate to open source projects :
  2. Ability to define the escrow account to be linked as payout contributor to your post.
  3. Ability to define your default payout for your account or define groups that you use often, toolchains.
  4. Ability to analyse the source of a project and determine the components used so that you can add them.
    4.1 This will include a tin-eye like service.
  5. System to detect plagiarism and copied content.
  6. Ruling from utopian on how to deal with content that is not accepted but then reused by another user in a post. For example If I put my idea into a short post but it is not accepted, but then another user takes that idea and makes a longer post that is monetized, we should know how that would be handled.

The processing of tineye or looking for plagerism would be funded by guess what? Seem, so we will need services and add-ons that will be funded by the community. License checking tools and services could then finally funded. I will write up more about this later, it was first mentioned in my post here

Part of the checks for the utopian moderators should be :
spelling and grammar checking.
license checking

In the end we will need smart contracts to be setup where the fulfilment of these contracts include spending money on services to do compilation, rendering, license checking, duplicate checking, plagiarism checks and storage of artifacts. All of these services can then be funded via the payout scheme so that everyone wins and a great ecosystem is created.

A system like the wikipedia could then be created when all such parts are in place where you edit versions of articles creating new derived works each being transactions on the chain creating better and better articles. This would also solve the issue of forking articles where pools of funding for different political views would fund branches of the wikipedia into different pov streams.

Update : I found this post about [everipedia] ( today where they discuss a similar idea but I dont see any implementation of it.

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