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Make No Mistake : Seemit is just one website that is built of Steem platform.

The number of applications that are built on Steem blockchain is increasing day by day. The apps are also getting better. But this is not sufficient. We need to integrate with existing platforms and frameworks so that more and more people can start using Steem and integrate with the platform.

Steemconnect plays an important role in this and making sure that it is easier to integrate with all the platforms and frameworks is the way to go.

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@noisy recently released Steemconnect Integration library for python. Having a similar library for Drupal will increase the adoption greatly as Drupal is currently used by 560 of the top 10k websites.

So I did some preliminary research and the easiest way to implement it would be to use the base module Social Auth and then build a SocialAuth SteemConnect which acts as an implementor of Social Auth.


I have got busy at my office of late and I am not able to dedicate much time to port this. So I am creating this gig so that any Drupal developer or php developer who is interested can create the module. I can give basic guidance regarding Drupal and can connect with the relevant developers if required.

Rules of the Gig

  1. You need to have a working demo to show that the login is working well on a Drupal website.
  2. You need to provide a patch with the code. I will review and commit the code and make you the maintainer for the project.
  3. I will delegate all the Steem from this post to you.
  4. If the post doesn't get enough attention and you still build the module I would tip 20 SBD from my wallet.
  5. Upvote and resteem this post so the bounty for the developer who would like port this will increase.

This post is an attempt to see if we can make use of the power of Steem community to drive the projects that will have long term impact on Steem platform. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Hey @gokulnk I am @utopian-io. I have just super-voted you at 20% Power!


-You are writing more than the average for this category. Good job!
Up-vote this comment to grow my power and help Open Source contributions like this one.

Hi @gokulnk, I just released a Drupal module, a PHP library and a Wordpress plugin :)

I've posted an article with all the information there :

Thank you for the initial idea, it was a very interesting project :)


This is great. Good to see the project take shape. Made you the maintainer.

I was all powered up. I am powering down now so that I can send your prize money. Keep the work going.


Thank you Gokul for the reward, I claimed it :)