Steem Money New Feature: Steem and Steem Dollar Converter

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New Feature

I added a steem and steem dollar converter on Steem Money application. This feature will not just convert from Steem/SBD to Bitcoin but also to any other curriencies like Australian dollar, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Philippine Peso, etc.


As you can see, I added a new button in home screen and profile screen to link to the converter.


In Converter Screen, we can convert any value from Steem or Steem dollars to any currencies listed below.

List of Currencies:

  • BTC - Bitcoin
  • USD - US Dollar
  • AUD - Australian Dollar
  • BGN - Bulgarian Lev
  • BRL - Brazilian Real
  • CAD - Canadian Dollar
  • CHF - Swiss Franc
  • CNY - Chinese Yuan
  • CZK - Czech Koruna
  • DKK - Danish Krone
  • EUR - Euro
  • GBP - British Pound
  • HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
  • HRK - Croatian Kuna
  • HUF - Hungarian Forint
  • IDR - Indonesian Rupiah
  • ILS - Israeli New Shekel
  • INR - Indian Rupee
  • ISK - Icelandic Krona
  • JPY - Japanese Yen
  • KRW - South Korean Won
  • MXN - Mexican Peso
  • MYR - Malaysian Ringgit
  • NOK - Norwegian Krone
  • NZD - New Zealand Dollar
  • PHP - Philippine Peso
  • PLN - Polish Zloty
  • RON - Romanian Leu
  • RUB - Russian Ruble
  • SEK - Swedish Krona
  • SGD - Singapore Dollar
  • THB - Thai Baht
  • TRY - Turkish Lira
  • ZAR - South African Rand


  • How did you implement it/them?
Relevant Commits

I used and CoinMarket API to convert the Steem/SBD based on the current value of a currency. First, I retrieve the value of Steem/SBD in US dollars using the CoinMarket API. Then, I retrieve all the currencies in and set USD as the base parameter. Lastly, I multiplied the value of Steem/SBD in US dollars with the current value of the selected currency.


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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

PS: you used the API ;-) <= typo in your article
PS2: nice GUI! Keep it up!

Thank you so much :D

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Fantastic work, and thanks for this.

I often find myself opening a calculator to make conversions manually, so this will help me a lot!

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