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Hi I just did peer review on Japanese translation.
I believe most of the translation are completed by @inoue.
I fixed two translation which are shown in the figures.

For this one, I am not sure you really needed to translate the word "us."
Because when I first read the translation, I understood us getting like from the management crew or people in authority. (Unless that is the original purpose then leave it as @inoue has translated.)
So I have removed it to sounds like getting like from the community.
Also it is more like Social networking site, so I thought it would be better for phrase to be more causal than formal, so I fixed that also.

get iine.jpg

For this translation I had not idea what it was talking about:
so I have read the comments on the right boarder which I understood it as this phrase will be used as some type of slogan or type of advertising phrase. So I have fixed the translation as it shown.


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Thanks @galeed for using Utopian.io to collaborate on Busy.org

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I agree your fixing.

I thought, first one means get like from Busy team (@busy.org) , not community.
But, in any case your translation is better.

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