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Crowdin: https://crowdin.com/project/verto

Github: https://github.com/Volentix/verto

Project Details:

Verto is a multi-currency wallet that will allow access to the VDex. Verto will also have integrative functionality of other DApps like orderbook settlement from VDEX and a crypto ratings and rankings dashboard from Vespucci. When a trade is made on Vdex, the funds are temporarily locked until either the transaction is completed and the new funds become available, or the transaction is cancelled and funds are again available.

Contribution Specifications:

Translation Overview

This is my first and last translation work on this project. I translated 1064 words - 100% of the entire project.

Current Session:

I decided to take a break with OroCommerce project for a while and translate Verto Wallet becasue this is very small project and for only one session. The project contains basic information about the Verto Wallet, messages displayed to the client, information about the backup. It also includes very user-friendly key protection instructions.


If you want to take a photo, use a non-digital platform such as 35mm or Polaroid.

Store on an external drive, wallet, or USB key.

Look for a warm, safe, secure, dry place such as a bank safety deposit box.

I also met the KYC process term. What is it?

Blockchain identity verification
Service that allows to verify users and to prevent fraud. It is based on blockchain technology as a tool for protecting and validating personal data of Internet users.


Source: http://spendmatters.com/tfmatters/bank-supplier-onboarding-kyc-far-exceeds-fintech-efforts/

Word Count:

According to Crowdin, I translated 1064 words, from a total of 20 934 translatable words.


The current project was translated from English into Polish.

Proof of Authorship:

My Crowdin Profile: https://crowdin.com/profile/FroQQQ

My activity link: https://crowdin.com/profile/FroQQQ/activity

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Hi @froq,

thank you for the contribution!

Fantastic job! I found nothing to complain about. Your translation is, as usual, high quality, good luck in translating future projects!

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Thank you for your review, @villaincandle! Keep up the good work!

Nice 👍🏼
Given it is a wallet some of those phrases are probably very important to be translated with correct meaning.
There are instructions on how to store private keys and sensitive information about password management also as there is no way to recover password or private keys.
Keep up the great work.

Congrats @froq, you're the first to the post! First to complete a translation for Verto.

Good job on highlighting the concept of KYC (Know Your Customer), as it may not convey the right message if the concept is not well translated.

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Thank you for the contribution!

Hello froq! Regarding KYC term, that stand for "Know Your Client(s)/Consumer(s)". It is a legal obligation that the goverment placed upon financial providers who offer investments plan to consumers to verify their consumers and more-or-less know who they are (and maybe what are they doing and if they understand what they're doing). Polish counterpart of that is the MiFID and MiFID-2 forms that any customer new to the stock market has to fill at least once. IMHO, you should leave it as is and not translate that, or translate it as i.e. "KYC (MiFID)"