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Source: https://oroinc.com/b2b-ecommerce/


Crowdin: https://crowdin.com/project/orocommerce

Github: https://github.com/oroinc/orocommerce-application

Project Details:

After OroCRM and OroPlatform, OroCommerce is the third Oro product from Magento co-founder Yoav Kutner. In the Open Source sector, it is the only E-Commerce platform specifically designed for B2B use. In particular, the focus is on the growth of online business as well as an excellent customer experience. In addition, OroCommerce has a rich, out-of-the-box feature set, especially designed for B2B E-Commerce. OroCommerce is a unique product with numerous functions of personalization, location, creating reports, market segmentation and providing intelligent marketing tools.

Contribution Specifications:

Translation Overview

This is my forth translation work on this project. As before, the context was clear, I did not encounter any difficult technical terms. Despite the fact that with the majority of words and sentences I have contact on a daily basis and is not one of the challenges - I tried to check almost all of them to avoid mistakes. Human thing is to err, but it would be shame if I made an obvious mistake in a simple text.
The previous translations from another project from Oro Inc. - OroCRM were very helpful, some of them were almost identical.

Current Session:

I continued the translation of the jsmessages.en.yml, messages.en.yml and validators.en.yml files.
I could divide the text I have translated into several types. First - simple notifications displayed to the user. Examples:

Sorry, page was not loaded correctly


Your local changes will be lost. Are you sure you want to refresh the page?

Second, the registration process:

Please check your email to complete registration

Confirmation email has been sent

And also the menu interface:

My Wishlist

View Cart

My Account

So that is what I was talking about - I would have to give it some stick to make some mistakes in that kind of sentences. But if I did, it would be a big surprise for me. The project seems very friendly, and I'm happy to work on it.

Word Count:

According to Crowdin, I translated 1026 words, from a total of 20 934 translatable words.


The current project was translated from English into Polish.

Proof of Authorship:

My Crowdin Profile: https://crowdin.com/profile/FroQQQ

My activity link: https://crowdin.com/profile/FroQQQ/activity

Previous translations on this project:




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Hi @froq,

thank you for the contribution.

Well done, I have not found any mistakes worth mentioning. I am glad that you are paying attention to this! I also like the fact that your post format has evolved, it looks much better. Good luck in the future OroCommerce translation!

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