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RE: Guide and Introduction to Building a Basic Bot for Discord using Javascript

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hey cloh76.
I am not a tech at all, but badly want to learn a bit about it. So I will do what you wrote down and see if I can do it too. Because, it is just frustrating to not know anything about computers but living in such a tech world with the cryptos. Didn't expect that to happen :D
So thanks a lot for the nice post.



Hey Flurin.

Thanks. Yup it is a tech world and these are all tech based platforms and like most technology can be hard for some to grasp. It's not easy, but anything I can do to help share anything that I learn while Im learning is what I plan to do. Hope my guides are helpful and can make things a little easier to understand since we were all in the same place at one time or another.

Did you listen to the three amigos yesterday? Clif High talking about how in the future there will be so many people coming into the space with no knowledge about how to act in the cryptospace, so there will be a huge demand for people to help, teach and inform. I guess your help will be much appreciated. do you have a youtube channel? I am thinking of starting one, just to help people to get around all this new crazy tech stuff

I do, but I haven't really used it or uploaded anything to it. I plan to though eventually!

Ill let you know when I actually have something uploaded. I have followed you, so maybe we can collaborate on something in the future. You can also reach me on Discord @cloh76

Sweet. I follow you too. I am not a tech at all, so can't help too much other than showing people, how to educate themselves by doing so myself. I go check out discord. Would be fun to collaborate. I think the future will embrace people who can help people get around these crypto thingies... :)