Changes And Insights To The 1UP Voting Mechanism

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1UP is a hivemind curation system for communities where all votes are equal. It funnels upvotes to the highest voted posts and optimizes trailing of community supporters for higher curation rewards. The platform will use its own Smart Media Token (SMT) and distribute that to a large degree via airdrops and bounties to the Steem community.

In this post we look closer at the voting mechanism that allows users to reward quality posts with 1UPs which can lead to substantial reward increases for the winning authors.



Post Body

The goal of 1UP is to allow qualified users to select their favorite posts among all participating communities and upvote them with the equal 1UP-vote. The qualification for the voting process will happen via the User Authority (UA) score from @steem-ua as announced in the previous 1UP blog post about the community features.

After some further simplification of the voting mechanism we came up with the following model:

Keep 1UPs Scarce - 10 Total Daily 1UPs Per User


In the previous concepts for 1UP each community would allow upvoters one vote per community-level and day. This created several problems:

  • First, each user would be able to do more and more 1UPs with each new community and each new community-level-up. This would make 1UPs less and less scarce overall and could create unwanted behaviour like grinding through all communities for reward hunting without an actual interest in them.

  • Second, we would get no proper evaluation of the hivemind interest in a certain community as all communities would be able to easily get their daily available upvotes from users and potentially grow equally fast.

  • Third, the concept was pretty confusing and not very intuitive for a newcomer.

The solution to this problem is going back to our original idea which was to give each user exactly ten daily 1UPs to spend wherever they like. This will mean that it is entirely up to the user where the focus will be done with their upvotes. They can spread it out among different communities or put it all in one single community. This is very straight forward and easier to comprehend. And it allows us to measure the community importance more effectively.

More Voting Abundance - 10 Daily Upvotes Per Community


The previous concept envisioned one daily upvote from the 1UP account per level of community. This concept was changed for simplicity as well as for a greater benefit for the community trailing. Having only one daily upvote would not allow to use the available voting power for a community to its full capacity. It would also be very limited in the daily impact to authors on the Steem blockchain as very few would profit from 1UP.

We need 10 daily upvotes every 2.4 hours for each community. That way the community can use their own community accounts to trail themselves without any idle time. It also makes the process much more interesting to follow as there will be new posts to be upvoted every few hours for each community.

We will upvote ten posts in each community that is at least on level one with the 1UP-account. Level zero communities will have all features but no upvote from the 1UP-account. The strength of the upvote will be defined by the community level and grow with higher levels.

Since we will start with ten pre-selected communities directly on level one, we will begin with a total of 100 daily upvotes with 10% voting strength, instead of the previously planned 10 daily upvotes with 100% voting strength.

Simplified Community Levels


The previous calculation of the community levels was based on user posts and received 1UPs. We are simplifying that as well and count only the received 1UPs of each community. This makes it much easier to understand for everyone. At the same time, this works very well with the increased scarcity of the daily available 1UPs in total. The users will directly influence the growth of a community with where they will put their 1UP-votes.

We will continue with the proposed community levels:

Level 1: Highest Community Every Fortnight
Level 2: 10,000 1UPs
Level 3: 20,000 1UPs
Level 4: 40,000 1UPs
Level 5: 80,000 1UPs
Level 6: 160,000 1UPs
Level 7: 320,000 1UPs
Level 8: 640,000 1UPs
Level 9: 1,280,000 1UPs
Level 10: 2,560,000 1UPs



Old Utopian-1UP Homepage (includes a test for the new community creation tool)

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I understand this soooo much better now! Thanks for simplifying things. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who was confused before.

I'm wondering if you said what you meant to here:

"Level zero communities will have all features but no upvote from the 1UP account....

This basically means we will start with 100 daily upvotes of 10% voting strength instead of 10 daily upvotes with 100% voting strength (as we will have 10 starting communities)."

If some of the 10 communities have zero level and get no upvote, then you can actually give out more than 10% voting strength. Or did this mean there will be 10 level 1 and above communities at all times, but more communities that are level zero also?


We will lift ten communities directly to level one on day one of the app. That way we have already content to reward. All other communities, like TSU for example, will start at level 0 and work their way up. However, we will already have our posts displayed in the 1UP-TSU community and can vote on each other. We are so many we have good chances to level up before most others.

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