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Finally Network is website builder for the Steem blockchain. The project is open-source. Ideas and contributions from the community are welcomes. Learn more and try it today at

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  • Why Finally - A look at why building this project is a worthwhile endeavour.

The Finally Roadmap

The aim for this post is to share what you can expect over the coming weeks and months. What could a website builder on the blockchain look like.

Wide selection of themes to fit many of content types. What next? focussed, portfolio, food blog, dark theme. Open to suggestions and idea from the community.

Post controls. Fine grained controls of which posts are visible or hidden on the website. Include/exclude list for hashtags and specific posts.

Style customisations. Ability to change settings such as background, fonts, colours etc.

Single static pages. Support creation of static pages. Static pages are those like About or Contact. Possibility to turn a Steem post into a static page. Find another way to utilise the blockchain for storing static content.

Voting support from @finallynetwork account. Use human based curation to give back to supporters. No automatic curation, focus on themed, regular content.

Support for custom domains. Allow users to route top-level domains such as to Finally.

Markdown Editor. Create an editor on to allow posting and editing on site. An optional beneficiary could then be added to help fund Finally development.

Deeper blockchain integration. All actions on Finally should be broadcast across the blockchain. Custom_json operations allow for non vital information to be stored and retrieved later. Infrastructure problems should not stop the ability to bring the network back online. All data needed should be in the blockchain. source code and documentation should be available online.

Multi author support. Collaborative websites where Steem users submit content. Authorisation roles for admin/content creator. Will need specific themes that fit this content better.

These ideas begin to get more complex. There may be a substantial amount of time before features like these are a possibility.

Patreon style membership features. Provide the ability for membership/support levels for content. Infrastructure that support creators financially.

Discovery Platform. A way to categorise and discover users of Finally. Search/stumble upon/rankings/featured creators etc.

New user sign-up. Bring Finally network to the outside world. Create a seamless signup/create-website feature.

Self host packages. Downloadable prepared .zip with site ready to host. Possibility to automatically host on an external static platform.

Custom theme support. Documentation for creating your own theme. Ability to upload themes. Opens the possibility for a shop selling third party themes.

I have big ideas and high hopes for this platform. It would be great to hear any thoughts you have. Are there any features you would like or think should be prioritised?


The Finally roadmap certainly looks exciting. This is the kind of project that can really add value to the Steem blockchain, and I can't wait to see it all come to fruition.

That said, this was not really what we see as a blogpost. It's a list. Which is fine for a roadmap. That's what a roadmap is supposed to be. But I'd be interested in seeing a blogpost about the roadmap, going into significantly greater detail, and possibly illustrated with some mockups. That would be much more in line with what we expect in the Blog category, and also more interesting to me as a reader.

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Thanks @didic. Totally understand. You're right. It is just a list. As you mention the list is great for a roadmap but not so for a blog post. I could have thought more about what might make a better blog post. I could have expanded on the benefits and reasoning of each feature not just a short description. I will 100% take this into consideration before posting again to the Blog category.

Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 14 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Multi-author support is an awesome idea i love that, stoked to see how things develop. I'm not sure how feasible it is keeping in mind posting key security, but I'd love to be able to switch/toggle accounts instead of fully logging in and out of multiples.

Either way love what you've got so far Sam!

Really love the idea! Would be cool if it is possible to hide some posts on finally. Is it maybe?

hey, yeah that is totally part of the plan to be able to hide individual posts or groups of post via specific hashtag. Would be ace to hear what you would expect from a theme as a photographer who uses Steem. IF you have any thoughts or requests on what you would like please let me know.

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