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Occult is my computer game created from scratch - initially in Game Maker Studio, transferred to Enigma-Dev (which makes the game completely free software).

In the game 8 magicians fighting each other using blood magic - so any spell used, summoned monster or weapon used requires sacrifice. This game is your own idea for card games. I do not know if it works, but I hope people will appreciate it ;)

Creating a game

The origins of the game date back to 2016, when I decided to create a game. As I am a fan of some card games, the idea was to create a TCG (trading card game).

Conception Art

The project was originally called The Hero, in which two knights fight using cards.

Over time, the game concepts changed - something seemed stupid and you had to come up with a new game. So the knights became magicians of blood.


The basic code

  • Engine

The game engine is a simple code written in EGL, it uses a simple database written on tables, in which it stores basic information about cards; Data structures temporarily store data about the game - e.g. card decks.

The basic functions of the cards are stored in the function code, which are called when playing through the obj_card.

  • Card implementation

Each card in the game has been implemented (in functions). This means that (if everything works correctly) the game in terms of gameplay is playable.

  • Simple AI

The game has two artificial intelligence systems. RandomAI randomly selects the card and plays it, and SucklessAI has a (small) list of implemented combinations that he can play. If the combination is impossible - uses RandomAI.

Is this game playable?

The new version of Occult will have new graphics. The game (in terms of the engine) is playable, but unfortunately it is not finished yet.



At the end

If you like this project, you can follow us on Github.

I would like to thank @magiccleatus for help in developing the game's graphics.

Github Repository


[1- Initial commit]

Creating a software repository and adding a license

[2- Initial release]

Sending the whole project to the Git repository

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Wow thats unbelievable.. want to play this game

You can always play on HTML5 version (based on non-free Game Maker)

or better version for PC (albo non-free)

cool lookin game!
did you post this on utopian.io and it's shared on steemit as well?

Looks great, I'm following you for updates.

I might make my next project a TCG, looks like fun.

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It's fantastic!

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  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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