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RE: [Bug] Steem blockchain freezes if the SBD supply is 0

in #utopian-io2 years ago

Hi @jga, thanks for making this contribution

I am sorry the review is coming this late. It is a valuable contribution and though I am unable to conduct a test to reproduce the behavior you have described, I have it on a good note from other moderators that the contribution is good and indeed valid.

I love that you broke every detail to the barest minimum. It is enough to give any reader an idea as to what is at play. And for curious readers who are new to the blockchain, this should pique their interest towards the inner workings of the steem blockchain.

Thanks again for the contribution. I look forward to more of your reports :)

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Hi @fego. Thank you very much for your review! 👍

Thank you for your review, @fego! Keep up the good work!

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