DBooks Frontend Task Request 1: Landing/Login Page

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We are requesting the design and implementation of a world class and standard landing page for our application i.e the page that would appear at the root route of our application.

We are providing a freehand to the designer in developing this interaface. However the following rules are set to guide the design

  1. Page should be designed using bootstrap design patterns; entries with differing patterns would not be accepted
  2. No JQuery should be used in the design of said page as this would clash with AngularJS; Use angular's UI-bootstrap instead to do whatever heavy lifting might be required
  3. Only Open Source graphics should be included in the page design.

We want a clean and uncluttered design with three parts

  1. The Header:- Which should contain the platform logo a sign up button that redirects to the steemit sign up page
  2. The Body:- Design open to the intuition of the designer; However, the following widgets are absolutely required
    i. A Login Form:- with steemit username and password fields
    ii. A Login with SteemConnect Button with adequate graphic embedded
  3. The Footer:- Expected to have links such as
    i. About Us: # href
    ii. Our Community:- # href
    iii. Help:- # href
    iv. Blog:- # href
    v. How to use:- # href
    vi. Developers: - # href
    vii. Documentation:- # href

It must be noted that even though an absolute freehand is given to whoever takes on this challenge; we would however only accept only the best design that is implemented in the best manner.

Below are links to some design inspiration

  1. https://www.mockplus.com/blog/post/best-landing-page-design-examples
  2. https://www.abtasty.com/blog/examples-landing-page-design/
  3. https://www.landingfolio.com/

For more information contact me through any of the emails provided below


For information on the project setup visit: https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@feekayo/dbooks-org-frontend-documentation-1-basic-directory-structure-description for more details

Your design is expected to be inserted into the ../app/modules/main/view/home.html file.
This file is expected to be a partial i.e. it would have non of the following tags




But would rather begin and end with containers like



All css rules used in creating the file should be added to the ../app/css/app.css file.
All additional scripts/angular modules should be added to index.html and app/js/app.js respectively

Proper documentation of all work done would also be required


This task remains open till 12 noon GMT+1 time on the 9th of July 2018


Email Addresses:

You can also find me on discord on the dbooks.org community group



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i was trying to upload my content it was not working, any tutorial for uploading the ebooks



The current version we have is quite buggy. We're sorry for whatever problems you might have using it.

I'll get someone started on creating a tutorial on using the app.

Please bear with us

Thanks for the task request, @feekayo! It seems clear enough to me, so good luck on finding someone who is able to complete the task for you!

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Hey @feekayo
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
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