Arabic -Translation: Volentix Papers - Part 4 (Approximately 1250 words)

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Volentix link:

Arabic page:

Venue username: fancybrothers

Project details:

“ Hello everyone, In the last couple of years crypto assets had gotten a good reputation. Especially for being decentralized.

But for your typical investor, finding a perfect exchange is harder than you think. A lot of the big names out there are centralized exchanges. Such exchanges got a lot of drawbacks.

First for those exchanges. You won't get your private key. Meaning you could lose your money if the exchange closes either forced by the government, hacked or even if the owners themselves designed the exchange as a scam in the first place. Therefore losing the first and foremost property of crypto - being decentralized.

Secondly, for these exchanges to obey the rules set by the law, they must put a lot of restrictions on the user thus limiting the investor's freedom.

So what is Volentix? and how can it benefit the crypto word? Volentix is an ecosystem built around four pillars, Venue, Verto, Vespucci, and VDex.

  • VENUE is a community and bounties platform where new members are recruited and where VOLENTIX digital asset (VTX) is distributed.
  • VERTO is a local multi-currency wallet. PS. You will get your own private key :) Browser wallet.
  • VESPUCCI is an interface where you could analyze and check all the data related to digital asset.

I also made this introduction into a short video: 

Why did I choose this project ?

“ First, I have always been interested in cryptocurrency. Second,  I intend to use the platform and It would be great to contribute to the development of the project. Finally, because my previous project was also tech related and I want to stay in the same "niche". ”

Contribution Specifications:

Here's the new glossary:

English العربية English العربية
Exchange مبادل Blockchain سلسلة الكتل
Trading تداول Authentication الإستيثاق
Assets الأصول Platform منصة
Platform منصة Transaction معاملة
Engine محرك Sidechain سلسلة جانبية
Peer-to-peer النظير إلى النظير Topology طوبولوجيا
Order book دفتر الطلبات Aggregators مجمعات
Implementation تطبيق Consensus إجماع
Token عملة الرمزية Security الأمن
Log سجل Remedies إصلاحات
Contract عَقْد Node عُقدة
Cryptographic التشفير Ranking تصنيف
Code شفرة Rating/evaluating تقييم
Peer النظير

Some strings that need special description:

String - According to Wikipedia:

A timing attack is defined as a side channel attack in which the attacker attempts to compromise a cryptosystem by analyzing the time taken to execute cryptographic algorithms. Every logical operation in a computer takes time to execute, and the time can differ based on the input; with precise measurements of the time for each operation, an attacker can work backward to the input.

So to put it simply, it's an attack that deals with the time of a transaction, the best option in Arabic is 'هجوم التوقيت'. 

String - I decided to remove 'in the digital world' to avoid repetition and make the sentence smoother. The same goes for this string where I removed 'users of digital assets'.

Contribution information:

The translation was done from English to Arabic and from 13/04/2019 to 14/04/2019

Total words = 1301

Untranslatable words and repeated strings ≈ 51

Final count ≈ 1250

Proof of Authorship

My translation activities can be viewed in my Crowdin profile: 

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Thank you for your contribution @fancybrothers

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Looking forward to your next contribution.

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