How to Develop Login System App with MIT App Inventor 2

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What Will I Learn?

  • How to work with Screens
  • How to change control of Screens
  • How to use Tiny Data Base
  • Logic behind the Tiny Data Base with Example
  • Signup page in blocks section
  • Concept of and & use of and
  • Login page in blocks section


  • Google ID for Login or Signup to MIT App Inventor
  • Basic knowledge of MIT App Inventor
  • Basic knowledge of Conditions


  • Intermediate


Hello Friends, IN this Video Tutorial we will develop Login System basically, there are two parts of this system first one is Signup and another one is Login. A new user uses the Signup method first and then Login. But an already member use directly the Login authentication. Tiny Data Base work offline and store the value of yours until you clear the data of the app or uninstall it. First, we will set up the Signup page and then we need to set up the Login Screen and we also set up a home screen after the successful login to the system.

Video Tutorial


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