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Steem plus project owner @stoodkev asked me directly to make adjustments to the badges I had designed for the project to fit the new needs.

This is the final result:



This badges are used to show each steemian their rank based on VESTS. Now instead of having only 5 ranks, there is a total of 15; with the subdivisions it is easier to keep track of your growth in the community.

This badges are white with a subtle shadow to make sure they contrast pretty well no matter what background is displayed in the profile page.

Samples of use

The badges are already implemented.


I used Adobe Illustrator CS6.


Original files

GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER. AI, SVG and PNG files included.

Cover background image from pexels.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Wow @fabiyamada, soo cool! A lot of work too. I didn't know there were many levels of planctonism and other species. I wonder how this is gonna work hmm. I really loved seeing my badge when I installed the @steemplus extension, so leveling up is something to look forward to. Good!

The leves where implemented by steemplus because it takes soooo much SP to become dolphin then even much more for orca.. so having subdivisions would help :)
Thanks for your always kind words n.n

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining the levels. There's always something to learn on this platform ;)

Those are really cool badges! It is good for black backgrounds.


  ·  last year (edited)

This is really cool, I'm waiting for this one, badges to represent everyone's rank.

It is already working with steemplus extension :)

Thanks for the info 😊😊😊

El plangton de bob estrojnja

Thanks for the contribution but it’s not approved due the following reason,

These are looking great but there is not enough work done to get rewarded.
It’s basically duplicates of badges and changes on texts.

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