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RE: Let's Score Contributions!

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Sorry but I’m confused.

As @utopian-io bot said

Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

But I’m a newbie (not factually wrong).

Could you explain more deeply how reputation works ? How many « dev contribution » is needed to level up ?

Does reputation follows log10 logic like steem ?

In fact, I think more transparency about this is needed.

Plus, I’m little bit worried about this new system.
I’m probably pessimist, but I'm afraid that a big « fish » might break a young developer's effort and desire to follow the path set by utopian.


Hey @evildido you are Beginner. Why do you say you are "Newbie"? Beginners already have influence in the platform, while Newbies don't.

You made amazing contributions, but they are still a little amount compared to those who got top reputation badges.

We are considering an option to show how more effort you have to put in order to get to the next badge.

Utopian uses a custom algorithm for the reputation that is solely based on our platform and its logics, which is also heavily simple. The amount of accepted contributions, their score and categories you have contributed to give you a certain score each time, that is summed up and defines your current reputation compared to the members who got the highest score.

I wrote this message in the bus :) sorry for the mistake

Thx for your answer. I’m always worried because there is not many people that’s « score » and I must asks for friends to do it, I fear that’s somebody who has a big reputation « unscore » my contribution because he doesn’t like me. I hope this will never happen and if not, a moderator could help contributions that has been unfairly sanctioned

Hi @evildido, scoring other contributions will have a beneficial effect on your reputation, so I think that we are going to see more users scoring contributions in the near future.
We (CM and Mods) are constantly checking scores and we encourage Mods to always score a contribution, but if you see that some contribution doesn't deserve its score (low or high) you can report it on Discord.

Thanks thanks thanks !

Your answer is clear !

Hi @elear Can you explain the impact of user.honor_reputation and user.force_reputation?

At first glance it seems like this excepts some accounts from the scheme described above? Is this something other than the supervisors, managers, and sponsors which are exceptions already explained in the post?

It's in this section of the code