Add vibration on/off feature to prodigal music player

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Prodigal music player is an open source application on android and apple operating systems. It has a good user interface that uses a rotatory format to scroll up/down just like an ipod but it still has quite some amount of bugs and still need lots of improvement.

On my phone (xiaomi) it still crashes after a while and i don't really like any app that vibrates on my phone, its quite a discomfort so i think there should be an option to enable/disable so that all users will be fine with it. I like the idea of the design of the app very much and if its improves it will definitely be a favorite.


I propose an option in the settings section to enable/disable vibration, which infact should always be a vital feature of any app that vibrates.

Mockups / Examples

  • Below shows the settings highlighted that leads to the settings section on prodigal music player. When scrolling in a rotatory manner each selection is being highlighted and has a quick vibration during usage, that means continous scrolling during song selection has a long series of vibration, which can actually cause more battery drainage.

  • Below shows inside the settings section and how i think it should be implemented

When the vibration on/off is highlighted and then the middle button for selection on the app is pressed it should toggle the on/off feature and the feature selected should show on the right hand side telling us which is active.


  • With the feature to enable/disable vibrations all users will be satisfied with the sensational feeling when using the app and there wont be discomfort. Those who like the vibrations can enable it and those like me who don't can disable it, thereby satisfying all users alike
  • It is know that apps that tends to vibrate alot actually uses more battery than normal and this is the case during song selection as scrolling takes place
  • Most popular apps that vibrates comes with this feature. Example: Pokemon Go

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Hello @evansbankx,Your contribution can not be approved as this seems to be really trivial and non technical. You are adviced to always suggest things that will most probably have great impact on the project.Example of good contributions can be found here here here and here
please do well to look into the sample gieven to avoid submiting low quality contribution in the future. Thank you.

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