eSteem is the best third party on steemit with the amazing features and project for steemit community like EFA, eSteem university, etc.
Also we have an opportunity to get the curation from eSteem founder @good-karma when making a good and original content.
It's glad to share about eSteem app on twitter.

Check out @dwiitavita’s Tweet:

Congratulations to me the best application of steemit mobile the people of @good-karma are doing a good job

zero follower is nullify (New Account)

This competition is amazing

This competition is awesome

I like this competition

Thia post is awesome

Glad to hear that! This is my humble contribution, hope to be helpful

Very useful posts. My permission to redeem.

Very useful posts. My permission to redeem.


davvero complimenti e che possa servire a tutti....grazie

Wow this is so amazing mr @ good-karma, 👏 👏, I really like the artists you make, we steemit users will try to be more enthusiastic in developing this steemit, I will continue to share articles about eSteem to people, so we can increase the quantity of eSteem users, and do you know Mr. @ good-karma? Steemit application has helped many unemployed people, especially in Indonesia, thanks for everything steemit continues to develop it, steemit life ... I love you

Great news. It's time to start a new account on Twitter, or the old one was blocked during a big cleaning.

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