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RE: Guide and Introduction to Building a Basic Bot for Discord using Javascript

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Your contribution can't be approved yet. See the Utopian rules. Your documentation is for Discord in general, which is not open source. Can you change the category to development?

If Discord were open source then this piece of work would be really one of the best documentation I have seen here. Actually, it is but as I see it, you picked a closed source project to make the documentation for.

You can contact us on Discord.


Updated the Category to Development


This is a documentation for the bot which is open source. It fits better in the decumentation category. It makes no sense to have a tutorial post on the dev category.

I'm just following the directions from the utopian-moderator's. This is their platform and they are the final approvers so whatever they say goes

Actually, no. Moderator behavior is highly vetted. I talked with the admin about this post and he decide to put it in tutorial category with which I completely agree.

Yep, this is a tutorial--and a good one.