steemRdata V0.3 - New Features & Bug Fixes

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steemRdata aims to provide a light weight data access interface to enable anyone to query the Steem Blockchain data natively in the R programming environment.

We have created an R package called steemRdata which is opensource, free to use and accessible to all. This package is a work in progress, I will be constantly adding to it over the coming months and if you want the latest version you can install it from my github account using the devtools package.


This update adds new features, documentation and fixes a few bugs.

Steem is calling the R Community

The R community is a community of collaborating open source data scientists and analysts from all over the world. I will continue development on this package and when it is ready for a stable release I will submit it to the core R repository.
This package will provide the R community with a rich, live, raw public datasource and this package will raise the awareness of Steem.

What is R?

R is a statistical programming language and environment that is widely used in academia and increasingly in production environments.
R is synonymous with well documented reproducible research which makes iteration and model refinement very transparent and robust.
You can use R for Machine Learning, for Data Manipulation but my favourite use of R is for the Powerful Graphic Capabilities that it provides.

New Features

  • Get a List of All Comments for an Account
    Screenshot from 2018-08-14 11-26-22.png

  • Specify the RPC node to use
    getComments("user", node"=")
    You can now manually specify for all functions the node to connect to. If you specify no node function calls connect to
    Screenshot from 2018-08-14 11-28-54.png

  • Get a List of RPC Nodes
    This function call gets a list of public RPC nodes and their status.
    Screenshot from 2018-08-14 11-27-55.png
  • Get a List of Trending Posts
    getTrending("tag", limit)
    This function lets you get trending posts for individual tags. If you leave the tag argument blank you will get a list of the trending posts from the main trending page.
    Screenshot from 2018-08-14 11-31-01.png

  • Expanded the Documentation and Examples
    I have added in more descriptions and examples to the package documentation. With each release I will add in details to the functions to make them accessible to more (non Steem) data analysts.
    Screenshot from 2018-08-14 11-47-29.png

Bug Fixes

  • We have optimised getTransactions() so that it will work for any account history size.


(a data package for the R programming language, originally called steemR)


How did you implement it/them?

The new functions are accessible on the command line in the R console and we have also documented them in the help file. You can see the commits by looking at the steemRdata repository.

How to contribute?

If you are an R user, you may find this project useful and we welcome pull requests to add features and bug fixes.

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