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This project aims to make R accessible to the Steem community by providing an easy interface to the data from the Steem Blockchain.

There is also another huge motivation for developing this package. The R community is a community of collaborating open source data scientists and analysts from all over the world. This package will provide this community with a rich, live, raw public datasource and this package will raise the awareness of Steem among this community.

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What is R?

R is a statistical programming language and environment that is widely used in academia and increasingly in production environments.
R is synonymous with well documented reproducible research which makes iteration and model refinement very transparent and robust.
You can use R for Machine Learning, for Data Manipulation but my favourite use of R is for the Powerful Graphic Capabilities that it provides.


(a data package for the R programming language)


The steemR package will be submitted to CRAN shortly but you can install it to your R environment via devtools from the development repo on github.
If you like this project please star me on github.

  • What is the project about?
    This project will provide an integration layer to retrieve data for analysis using the R programming language.
    Data Analysts will be able to perform ad hoc queries and explore the Steem Blockchain, using this package, from within the R programming environment.

  • Technology Stack
    R, Appbase. This package has been tested on linux and windows with base R and R Studio.

  • Roadmap
    This project will incrementally add API calls that are available via the Appbase API however it does not aim to cover all of the available APIs calls. Any operation that takes time or involves streaming large amounts of the Steem Blockchain will not be implemented.

  • How to contribute?
    My username on discord is @eroche#1620 and I welcome pull requests, suggestions and bugs for this project on github.

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Thank you for the post on R, I look forward to future posts. I will make a pull request and follow along.



At last! I really was wondering when you'll start contributing to Utopian. :)


Ha ha, It's actually my second post on Utopian.

I tried it out but I have been saving Utopian & Github for something special. This is my first R package which I will be submitting to CRAN! I am really excited about this as it will make the Steem data widely accessible to the whole R community.


I think I overlooked your first Utopian post. I see R when I use Power BI but have not really pursued studying it. Looking forward to this project and thank you for exposing it to the R community.

From your post alone, I feel the R community is a tight one.


R is being integrated into everything little by little because there are so many algorithms available in it that just aren't available elsewhere but it has limitations and I think unless you actually get using the core R functionality you quickly run into hurdles.

It would be interesting to see if a powerbi user could use the steemR package to get data from the steem blockchain directly :)


Nice thought. I'll give it a try hopefully one of these days. :D

Ah ok is programming? I don't understand much about that kind of language :(

Thank You so much for introducing with SteemR

  • I'm looking forward to see the results of a use case.
  • Great comments and the code looks good.
  • Please add a license to the repo.

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Here is a sneak peak at a use case. I have built the following Shiny app using the R programming language.

I had a brief play with R on an online course. I was thinking I should look more into data science, but I've not had any real use for it. It looks to have some powerful functionality, but it's quite different to other languages.


I'll be doing some tutorials in the next few weeks on it so keep an eye out if you are interested. It is very powerful, very quick and easy to use and one of the great features is the level of documentation that is available. Every add on package has to be documented and most include easy to follow examples.

In the beginning it was more difficult to use but in the last few years an IDE R Studio has been developed which makes it very easy to use.


I used R Studio for the course, but I didn't get as far as the graphing.

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Fantastic post good job congratulations

Extraordinary post good job greetings

Finally, an implementation for R, I am very much looking forward to seeing this package being further developed in the future. Good luck with your project!

My question may sound dumb but let me ask it. Via steemR we can access the Steem Blockchain using R but do we still have to subscribe to Steem DB service offered by @arcange? Or will we be able to access Steem DB using steemR?


It depends on what data you want.

@arcange runs a service called steemsql. This is a fantastic service that packages the blockchain data in an sql database so you can easily query it.

steemR will let you access aspects of the Steem blockchain data but will not be as comprehensive as steemsql. It also does not provide an SQL connector so you will need to use R to access it.


Got it, thanks @eroche