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RE: Debato - update blog 3 - Wallets, transactions and mobile compatibility

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Very interesting project, I'm sure you put a lot of work into it. For that I take off my hat.

I like to expand your concept, because I've always had difficulties debating topics that are meaningful in the pros and cons categories and then leaving it at that. It starts to get exciting when both areas have collected enough material. In life, one often wonders how one can ever reach a good decision for oneself with the voices and arguments "for" and "against".

The question is therefore: What do you do with all the information once you have it as "pro" and "con"?

A topic could be divided into several subcategories after the end of a debate, which, on the basis of further group (or single) work, compile a catalogue of questions, which is then unanimously approved and then publicly and systemically agreed upon by interested participants.

For question collection, however, the result of the pros and cons would be great, but I would then continue it and from the identified statements again ring in a new round and create said catalog of questions, on the basis of which the lowest resistance to each individual question on a subject is measured (scaling question, for example, scale from 1-10).

This is a much faster method than the classical consensus, because the classical consensus takes an infinite amount of time to reach an agreement that everyone is satisfied. Systemic consensus is a formalized version of it and can be extended by a zero-sum game.

If you are interested, please contact me. I would be happy, because my article about it has not received much resonance, although the concept is really coherent and above all very clever. Scroll further down where it gets to the concept and numbers.

Greetings from Hamburg


I really appreciate your feedback! I will definitely check out your post later to fully understand what you are saying and get back to you.

Thank you for doing so. Now, do you think that debato could be extended in this way?

I think it is a very useful idea to incorporate. I'm only trying to think about places where it could fit practically. Debato is mainly created with the idea of being a place to exchange arguments and respond to other points of view rather than a place to reach a final concensus. It also does not try to force a user into a category pro or con because he/she can place thoughts, opinions, reasonings in any of the categories with the goal of discussing it further. Having this system of voting would also imply that the sharing of these thoughts has to be finished after a certain time which might limit the distribution of ideas. You have also experienced yourself that you really need a significant user base to make this concept have practical value. User involvement is also something highly variable as we have seen the last year which, as I believe, might lead to a die out of the function.

But I can't stop thinking about the idea. Perhaps there are possible future expansions where people could post statements that can be voted on in several filtering rounds.

What do you think about it? Do you have any idea or opinion about this? Would love to hear it!

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I would love to see a round where this method is used. I like your idea that a debate can be endlessly continued and supplemented, as well. But maybe such an experiment can be integrated if you have already collected many pros and cons on a certain topic at debato? We could work together here or maybe invite someone else? The biggest difficulty is indeed to find enough participants. I also think it's a good idea to do several filter rounds. What about debato, is it already running?

Let's stay in touch and see how debato develops.

I'll definitely stay in touch, I think it could have a place on debato and I would love your cooperation when the time is right! But first I'll focus on the main concepts of argument sharing and interactions. I think this should be optimised to start attracting users.

Currently debato is up and running. All functionalities are in place and it is through actual use and interactions that I am figuring out what functions are needed and what can be improved. In the last few weeks for example I also noticed there should be a better framework for discussing in the comment section because not every thought can be fitted in an argument.

Currently I'm slowly trying to expand the user base while making sure that everything works as it should and the platform is pleasant to use.

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