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2017-10-26 is my account's creation date on the STEEM network. As a new author with no friends in the chain, I was having difficulties in the social side of STEEM.

I can clearly say that Utopian is the main reason why I contributed to the STEEM scene that much so far. I could probably left the network if Utopian wasn't there in my early months here.

I am involved with the project as both contributor and developer since the early days. As being a software developer maintaining free software (Think of the free word here as in free speech not as in free beer.) projects for years, I can clearly say that the Utopian has successfully implemented a Utopia in the ecosystem.

Exploitation by Nina Paley licensed under CC By-SA 3.0

After the initial proof of concept implementation, Utopian has given substantial support to the countless authors and developers in the network. The project also attracted lots of new developers and projects outside of the STEEM.

Screenshot is taken from Utopian Colony website

The new Utopian website -Colony- will be a platform for source collaboration and innovation. The second quarter of 2019 is exciting since there is a good probability that we will finally see the Colony as an alpha release.

Utopian created a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to fulfill the roadmap. Click to the above link to see the details:

Utopian: Empowering Open Source Innovation

The funds raised on that campaign will be used for:

With your help we can complete the development of the early version of Utopian Colony by May 2019 (with the goal of making it available to the general public no later than July 2019). We will use the funds to cover the remaining development expenses and to expedite the public release.

I have just chipped in a small amount to the campaign and I know lots of my followers are active entities at Utopian one way or another. It's time to support Utopian. Visit indiegogo campaign page, read the details, and support it if you think the project deserves your support.

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Hi @emrebeyler, thank you for promoting Utopian Indiegogo campaign. The post is well-written, short but precise. I enjoyed reading through.

The post contains some exciting facts and emotional touch, on how Utopian influenced your stay on the Blockchain. It also makes me remember how I joined Steem, and how Utopian made Steem habitable for me. We are here, and the Pioneer makes Utopian livable for everyone. Utopian is indeed a Utopia, and I believe it'll be highly perfect when we finally move to the colony. I pray and hope the campaign attract the right guys Asap.

Once again, thank you! I appreciate the effort put in writing.

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!


now i am promoting Indiegogo Please need to your support @tykee

I wonder why they haven't managed to attract more investors, i guess people don't quite get the importance of an open source.


I am sure investors will get in line when they see the progress and achievements on Utopian. :-)


Hope so, I know they're doing awesome job and the idea behind it is brilliant. To bad they didn't get deserved attention. But we will see, it's early to tell :D

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Oh man, I really hope more people start donating soon. At this rate, they're not going to make it.

I've donated $10 myself, but I'll increase it to at least $25 soon.

Hey, @emrebeyler!

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