dPoll development updates

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See it online at dpoll.xyz, and the source code at github repository.

dPoll is having constant development. Here are the new updates deployed in the last couple of days:

Polls by vote count

We're running weekly contests for the dPoll content creators. In order to @bluerobo pick winners, we have implemented a new view which lists polls by vote count on specific date ranges. This view is kind of hidden at the moment, but it's accessible via /polls_by_vote.

It's also possible to send ?start_time and ?end_time parameters in the query string.



will filter the polls created on that time range. dPollers can use this page to see their placement in the weekly contests.

Related pull requests:


Sponsors rewards module

We have initiated two reward sharing payments to our sponsors. The first iteration has a simple flow:

  • Get delegators delegating at least 1 week and calculate their share
  • Get the rewards (in liquid) total
  • Send payments

This flow has some downsides but considering the development time and the sponsor count, it's simplest solution.

Related pull requests:


Thanks again, to our sponsors making the curation possible.

Fixing the choice order

This was a regression I have introduced at some point which causes the order of choices random after the initial poll creation.

There was a simple one-liner which makes a list unique by casting the list into set and to a list again.

choices = list(set(choices))

However, sets are unordered. Fixed the problem with a simple replacement function:

def remove_duplicates(_list):
  new_list = \[\]
  for element in _list:
    if element not in new_list:

  return new_list

Related pull requests:

Tag management on dPoll interface

@tolgahanuzun introduced tag support. The first iteration was only supporting tag management on the poll creation. We have now tag editing support on our poll editing page.

Related pull requests:

Minor updates


  • Achievements and badges
  • Fixing the mobile issues on markdown editor
  • Multiple choice selection (Not %100 decided, yet.)

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedbacks you can shoot your ideas at our issues. Also, feel free to join discord server.

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  • Great post quality. Code sample, images.
  • I really like you get delegator reward calculation, I may use that.

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Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

Not so simple but still one-liner :)
OrderedDict((k, 0) for k in choices).keys()

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You asking for ideas, I have one:

Automatically publish from user account RESULTS post when poll is finished.

I really like that you keep the project active and developing it further.

I myself use dpoll sometimes on my minecraft server to let people vote for specific topics and I would really like to see votes made outside of dpoll (like on my server) in dpoll. :3

Keep on steeming, you're doing a great job.^^

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