Searching and Sorting for news in Cryptonews app

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Cryptonews app is an open source android application that feeds users with news updates from their favorite cryptocurrency news blogs. here


The cryptonews app is really helpful and useful for us crypto enthusiasts. Many people already use it to organize the information they receive from their best news sites but many users after opening the app are faced with scrolling down multiple times to get to the part where a particular news they are looking for is, this discourages users and reduces user experience. I suggest a search box at the top will be necessary to quickly find relevant news and also that the app should allow users sort by News blog/site and also specific keywords.

Mockups / Examples

This an example of how the News page sorting and search box addition should look like.

Current Menu ( no sorting)

old sort.png

After sorting is added

sort before click.png

sort after click.png

Also to help users find specific keywords, a search button is needed and should be optimized to highlight the searched keywords when used. see an example below

current home (no search)

old search.png

after search is added

new search.png


The benefits of adding this features;

-Users can now see news from one particular news page per time.

-Users will be able to quickly get relevant information they need from all the news feeds.

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