Introduction of Grid view to cryptonews

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The Cryptonews app is an open source android news aggregation application that feeds users with news updates from their top cryptocurrency news blogs.


The cryptonews app is surely useful for crypto enthusiasts. People already use it to streamline news they get updated on to only their most trusted news sites however the app view is restricted to a list of the news, this makes navigation quite difficult. I suggest the view is optimized to support both list and grid view so users can switch from one view to another as the navigate their favorite news on the feed.

Mockups / Examples

This an example of how the Switch from list to grid should look like.

Current View in app.

old search.png

Introduction of Switch from list to grid


Grid view sample with option to switch back to former list view depending on user's preference



The benefits of adding this feature;

  • Users are better able to navigate faster around the news feed

  • It also provides an improved user experience

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Thank you for the suggestion. I hope to use a grid view layout, but I am limited by some technical difficulties surrounding the technology stack I used for the application. Xamarin.forms doesn't support RecyclerView by default, as in native android, although I'm trying to get a work around for this.

However, this application is going to be recreated natively for each platform, to leverage more functionalities. Someone has already offered to help with that and work is currently in progress.

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I think is a great suggestion you just made. lovely research

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