Utopian: The Landing Page is FINALLY OUT! Have a Look!

in utopian-io •  7 months ago

Utopian.io is the only platform rewarding Open Source contributors with Steem and we were really in need of a landing page.

There you go http://join.utopian.io


People Behind The Landing

  • @mkt for the awesome frontend work
  • @auliausu for the great design
  • @nelsonm for helping with some design adjustments
  • @imwatsi for the super clear and easy copy
  • @elear (me) for bringing the server up and pushing the landing page online

The Landing is Open Source

On Github: https://github.com/utopian-io/utopian-io-landingpage/
Online: http://join.utopian.io

We Are Working on The Video

@dougkarr the guy behind the SMT video for Steem is working on the Utopian video. In this video we are going to explain the vision behind Utopian and will be published on the landing page soooon.

A Special Thanks to The Sponsors

@xeldal (Vote for witness)
@furion (Vote for witness)
@thecryptodrive (Vote for witness)
@netuoso (Vote for witness)
@jerrybanfield (Vote for witness)
@yabapmatt (Vote for witness)
@agoric.systems (Vote for witness)
@teamsteem (Vote for witness)

@sircork (Vote for witness)
@rival (Vote for witness)

A Special Thanks to The Moderators


Posted on Utopian.io - Rewarding Open Source Contributors

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Looks nice!


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I'll check out your blog and re-steem something that I like to help you out a little.


Regardless of the community, no one likes a beggar; however, the good Samaritan like you, brings enlightenment and harmony to the Steemian Community. I'm a new Steemian and will follow your lead and advice.


The advise it what I've learned from the community. Thank you.


Thank you for the advice I look forward to the growth of the community.


Yes, so do I.


Good advice ... I like it :-)


You are a good person. This is all exactly right. Well done.


Thank you for the compliment. I want to see the community grow!


I wish I have lot of voting power!


You can rent some and have it delegated to your account om Blocktrades for 1 month or more.


I saw lots of them doing it, but I think I'm going with what I have. Thanks anyway!


really you did good job you are good person ..


It's nicer than a down vote. I'm not sure if asking for a vote is cause for a down-vote. I feel bad about all the comments I've spiked on @elear s post! But thank you.


Thanks for the tips
I think you were even talking to me
I'll try it




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Thank u


Just seen it. Amazing!


ill upvote and do anything if you upvote me guys please doa charity of the day XD ... no for real i need you .... anybody out there ill do anything for you but upvote me pls


I want to see your video but sigh not able to see :( also I am stilll not able to upload a single video on dtube. thats another problem why this happening with me


After watching your latest episode, I'm very excited for Utopian!


Great, Thanks


Bro..Flow Me plz & Vote Comment Back Me


I would love to see it but it does not load yet :( @marketingmonk


same problem with me too, did you able to see the video and how?


upvote me guys


a very helpful notification, thanks for sharing


Please help me my st power very only 15 so plz vote with comments me


Thanks for sharing this new update and congratulations for reaching this new level of accomplishment. We all win from your success.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Hurray for the landing page! Hurray for the incoming video! Now I understand how important it is for you to be able to sign up people directly through utopian.io

Wow, just wow...this is one of the best looking web pages I have ever seen! All of the little effects are just amazing, i've been just sitting and playing with them for the last 10 minutes lol!


Your comment is true

It looks stunning, congratulations :)

We all can be thankfull for this project and the ways we will all benefit.
On the one hand, many great projects will be developed faster and filled with ne ideas and inputs.
On the other hand, STEEMs whole blockchain will probably get a boost from this amazing project.

Thumbs up!

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if possible please upvote and follow me and resteem my post

WooooOooooW i am really fascinated with #the-landing-page it is amazing

As always, great work!

Couple of days ago I decided that I would like to learn programming. I hope that Utopian will give me a power to accelerate my learning progress!!

Now it's more attractive for people, now only need the option to create an account directly on utopion.

congrats guys.. I just picked on the landing page and it is looking super good and cute and functional :D great job guys

Thanks for the information. Nice one.

@elear the way u n and your moderators r contributing r really apprecible handling queries ,along with developing the landing page is great

I saw the amount of flow at utopian ....still how you all r managing so much pressure....hats offf!

That is one solid looking design and I love all of the things Utopian is doing!

Thank you for the contribution @elear

CONGRATS to your work.

Guys I don't understand what is this and how does it work can anybody tell me what's going on?

I really like the logo

Wow! That looks awesome. Great job!!!

Thats a good job i really loved your post @elear

wow i like your post...but
bcak me vote and comments plzz

Really great job @elear .. hope I can get a developers group going in Malaysia . Cheers and keep up the good work. Was great talking to u at Steemfest

Great job, great progress, great project. Utopian is going to do good things.

Really great job @elear .. hope I can get a developers group going in Malaysia . Cheers and keep up the good work. Was great talking to u at Steemfest


Thanks for sharing this new update and congratulations for reaching this new level of accomplishment. We all win from your success.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Beautiful! Thanks to all of you incredibly talented people who contributed.

Some feedback
Looks like iOS is cutting off the first sentence:

How can i connect with my wordpress site ? waiting for launch.


I am actuslly trying to connect a wordpress site also and would love somre tips..

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Wow, this is one of the best looking landing pages I have seen in a long time. Well done!

Wow it's lovely

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nice post

nice post

Awesome. Utopian is one of the most exciting projects that runs on Steem.
Good luck!

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this is exciting! steemians hurray!

Awesome @elear, you really have what it takes to get this done well for open source communities. I was about to delegate SP this week but you guys have plenty already so I think I'd rather reserve for building the rest of the network at the moment until I get my next batch of Steem. By the way, what's the best channel to keep in touch with you (live anyway) - plenty of ideas and suggestions! Or should I just post through utopian? ;)


Hey nice to see you here. I am on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x or Steemit.chat if you wish :)

I hope more and more people open up their contributors page through utopian. Currently I am not sure how the new project pages process works. If I have say open source project. How do I get listed? I want to refer ToriOS and Yunit projects here. :)


Every Open Source project hosted on Github is already on Utopian @skysnap. We are linked with the Github API


Thanks for that. I'll send this to the project maintainers. :)

great job dear friend, you are doing good.


Waiting the video..... Amazing work :)

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Nice job !

love it,,,keep it up

Congratulations @elear!
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Looks awesome. I love the the menu bar and background animations. It really draws the users attention. I just started my career as a freelance web developer and recently learned bootstrap myself.

your project looks like a great place for me to use my newly developed skills and contribute to the community

Holy shit guys that it fucking gorgeous! Especially love the shades of purple.

Very nice job!

Can you help me to get more vote and reply?


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Thanks for the update and congratulations for reaching this new level of accomplishment. We all benefit from your breakthrough.

nice job dear friend, you are doing well.

Its really FINALLY OUT!

This is great! I actually got on board to the steemit platform via the utopian.io web page. Glad to be on board and part of the community. Can't wait to see what else is going to happen with Steem.

On point. That is all I can say.

I'm so excited about it! Great work guys! Thanks a lot!

I don't know to much about utopian. I'm going to see the posts.

PD: Greetings from Vzla

Thanks for sharing this new update and congratulations for reaching this new level of accomplishment

This looks like a cool project. In case you would need some help feel free to reach out to me. I and software engineer and work with web development since I dropped out of school. It is quite some time now :D


woowww,,,love it,,, keep it up

Great!!! Thanks for the Useful Post!!!

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Great job thanks for this post

Good one .Really informative

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It looks awsome and very professional.

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very good post you.

It looks nice :-) ...

nice post sir

I upvoted. great format, nice peice, come check me out, and i would love to have any tips or tricks you can give to improve my steemit. thanks for the read.

Awesome post :) thanks for the post @clear

good luck and spirit ..

The landing page is ok.
But you really need to improve your user interface after log in. It looks like some kind of scam and spam site that won't gain any trust from new users.
More precisely at first look I found its interface like those of fanbox/empowr..scams

nice my friend pliss vote and follow me

the utopian platform is a huge help within the steem network ☺️

that's really nice logo and I'm looking forward to helping you when I get enough SP. Thank you for your great work!

Well done @elear, your page's interface is cool.
and thanks for making it open source.

nice post

vote for me please

Thank you for all you :)