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Utopian.io is looking for a Javascript developer, better if experienced in Node and MongoDB to improve the search feature at the top of the website.


For now the search function only looks for specific words. We need to improve the search so it can look for a broader context. This is to help the users and the moderators searching for duplicates.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 13.35.38.png

500 Bounty

If you are willing to help building the new search function please get in touch with me on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x. I am willing to complete this functionality within this week. The developer/s will be paid a 500 Steem Bounty when the work is completed.

The Search API Will Be Also Used On The Editor

As in stackoverflow.com, I am planning to provide a suggestion box on the right of the Editor, so users can immediately understand if they are going to write a duplicate. This is fundamental for the quality standards of our platform.


Find the repository of the APIs here: https://github.com/utopian-io/api.utopian.io.

Here where the current search happens: https://github.com/utopian-io/api.utopian.io/blob/master/server/controllers/post.controller.js

This is the piece of code that makes the search. This is very basic and we need a more powerful way to get similar results:

  if (bySimilarity) {
    query = {
      body: {
        $regex: bySimilarity, $options: 'i'

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Hello @elear, I am a Node.js developer but do not have much experience with mongodb. I have done search feature in the past by using the open source SOLR search engine.

Hi @elear. I am a Javascript developer and would be interested to take part in this. I do have some experience with nodeJs; not so much with mongodb, just a few simple actions so far :)


Hey @sirrius @codingdefined is already trying to find a solution. I think would be really nice if you could collab on this. Join us on discord!


Sounds good. Thanks a lot, I am on Discord now :)


I have some knowledge of mongodb. will DM you guys in discord.Will check if there's anything I can contribute.

Sorry :( I'm still a starter developer yet

Dear @elear
Your efforts and dedication towards the utopian.io project is indeed amazing. Keep it up my dear. Success is assured.

nice post

Great job sir and to all utopian.io more power and God Bless..


Nice add me


I hope next week will be the best for our UTOPIAN ......


Thats a good news for this morning i hear!

sounds great
good luck

Great job

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