Utopian: 4 New Categories - New Search - New Bot - Almost 4 MILLION!

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What if I tell you that in just 2-3 days in Utopian.io we have achieved the following:

  • 4 New Categories: Sub-Projects, Tutorials, Video Tutorials and Copywriting.
  • The new search feature, able to search for contributions in a broader context and not matching word by word any longer.
  • Another updated to the Bot to better manage the Voting Power.
  • Brought back the option to choose between 100% SP or 50% SP / 50% SBD.
  • Fixed quite a few relevant bugs.
  • 400 More Contributions.
  • Updated the rules.

Well. We DID IT. Keep Reading to Know the Details!


4 New Categories

Yesterday I published this post to stop the submissions of micro features requests and ideas in order to create more value. We had some complaints about that, therefore I decided to create a specific category for the suggestions and 3 totally new categories.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 02.32.26.png

  • Suggestions Category: This was the category Ideas. In this category you can keep posting about small enhancements and features requests for your favourite Open Source projects. Read the rules:
  • Suggestions are minor features/enhancements that you would like to have in an Open Source project.
  • Suggestions must provide all the details for the requested features to be actually built.
  • Images, screenshots, links and examples are always welcome in this category.
  • Never write about suggestions you have already shared before or suggestions already shared by someone else.
  • Sub-Projects Category [NEW]: This category is meant to be used for writing about new, unseen, big improvements/features you would like to have in an Open Source project, which have a big impact on the overall system. Here the rule:
  • A Sub-Project is a set of new unseen features having a great impact on the project.
  • Sub-Projects must provide great details for the features to be actually built.
  • Images, screenshots, links, flows, mockups and examples are always mandatory in this category.
  • In this category quality of the contents is the main factor for being accepted in Utopian.
  • If you believe your idea does not qualify as a Sub-project use the Suggestions category instead.
  • Tutorials Category [NEW]: Here the rule:
  • This category is meant only for providing tutorials about an Open Source project.
  • Tutorials can be in any language.
  • A text intro in english is always mandatory at the top of the post.
  • If your tutorial also contains a video you should use the Video Tutorials category.
  • You must be the author of the tutorial.
  • If you are not pasting the entire tutorial here you must provide public links to it.
  • Video Tutorials Category [NEW]: Thanks to @ryanbaer for suggesting the need of this category. Here the rule:
  • This category is meant only for providing video tutorials about an Open Source project.
  • Video Tutorials can be in any language.
  • A text intro in english is always mandatory at the top of the post.
  • You must be the author of the video tutorial.
  • You must embed the video directly in this post. At the moment Youtube videos are mandatory.
  • Copywriting Category [NEW]: Here the rule:
  • This category is meant only for showing copywriting work you have completed for an Open Source project.
  • Copywriting can be in any language.
  • A text intro in english is always mandatory at the top of the post.
  • You must be the author.
  • If applicable link Pull Requests you have submitted on Github.

Rules Have Been Updated

We got many suggestions to improve the rules, therefore I have updated them. I really suggest you go and read them before posting in Utopian: https://utopian.io/rules

The New Search

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 02.16.28.png

Until few hours ago you could not search for a broader context but you had to match the exact words to find what you were looking for. The search is super important for the moderators and the users to find duplicates and to avoid creating more.

Thanks to @sirrius and @codingdefined this is now possible.

Upvote @sirrius contribution: Added text search ordered by relevance score for Utopian

Utopian Bot Update #3

One of the reasons why I had to stop micro features/suggestions yesterday was the fact that those contributions were getting very high votes from the bot, simply because the bot has a lot of power to give.

Therefore @stoodkev has edited the Utopian Bot again to support the new categories but also to reduce/increase the voting power where necessary.

Upvote @stoodkev contribution: New Utopian Bot update + Bots list + Call to bot developers

Choose 100% SP or 50%SP/50% SBD

Utopian was only providing 100% Power Up to simplify the process but I had many people asking to have back the possibility to decide, therefore I brought this functionality back.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 02.23.57.png

New Features YEAH! But also Bug Fixing

  • Beneficiaries issue for Moderators: I fixed an important bug with the use of beneficiaries that was not including my beloved moderators in the list. Everything in Utopian is tracked and we know exactly how much they have accumulated. The bug is over and they will start being added in the beneficiaries as well and benefit from the 5% dedicated to them.

  • Fixed Drafts issue: @eastmael has fixed a bug with the drafts that was making impossible to edit a post if too many drafts were stored.

Upvote @eastmael contribution: Save Drafts to Store

Utopian Is Growing and Growing and Growing!

  • @freedom has just raised again the delegated Steem Power, bringing it to 1.2 MILLION! Utopian is almost 4 MILLION SP!

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 02.31.35.png

  • We got 400 more contributions! 100 contributions are coming every single day.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 02.31.17.png

Utopian is Open Source

Check all my updates and the ones of the amazing Utopian collaborators on Github

A Special Thanks to The Sponsors

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A Special Thanks to The Moderators


Open Source Contribution posted via Utopian.io


Datum. You guys are growing so hard!

Hey @elear I am @utopian-io. I have just super-voted you at 39% Power!

Suggestions https://utopian.io/rules

  • Utopian has detected 1 bot votes. I am the only bot you should love!!


  • I am a bot...I love developers... <3
  • Much more informative than others in this category. Good job!
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Hi, I'm new to steemit. So I need help from you. Please follow me .... https: //steemit.com/@kravtsova

Nice on there, keep it up

Amazing stuff. kudos to the whole team!

There are doing a nice job

Totally agree!

Great follow up post. This is very interesting. :)

And exciting

Hi @elear!

Hey, there is a way to translate the Utopian web? I can do the translations to Spanish language. I am also planning to do a post in spanish about Utopian (kind of a resume of all your posts including the rules) because I am pretty sure many of the spanish speakers on Steemit do not know about Utopian and we have a lot of developers and coders in the community that could contribute too :)

Just let me know if yes how I can start to do the contribution to the web. Keep up the good work!

Vos dale y poné que esta todo bien! Subí directo a Utopian.io lo que se te ocurra en ese sentido. Si ves que la idea a vos te cierra y te parece buena ya está. Es aprobada! Que bueno verte por estos lados también, abrazo.

Si :) ya me di cuenta que es un poco "Libre Mercado" :) así me gusta!!!! Abrazote!!!

That will be nice

This is another breakthrough for utopian! Thanks to the moderators, you guys rock! 🤘You can take a rest now and get some sleep, @elear. :)

There are really doing a good job here

You are really changing the game with Utopian. This will speed up Open Source development like nothing else.

Are the tutorials and video tutorials need to be addressed to developers explaining code or is this meant for the actual users of the software, explaining how it works? Because the first I cannot do but the second I am really good at. :)

Both @flauwy. Perfect category for you!

Then I think I should get to work! :)

A clear and explained post.
thank you

I love the progress guys, keep it up.

Nice post
Upvoted gamma

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Always excited!.. More steem More power!
@elear, hope to bring good quality stuff as much as possible. Streamline and Improvement.

We are about to see the full power of open source thanks to this new platform. Utopian is progressing at such blazing speed that it's a task to keep up with it. Amazing thing to witness. I will be looking forward to open sourcing myself.

LOL @elear I *genuinely thought "Power Up only" as an option exists for preventing reward abuse.

Not sure what was the exact thought process behind it, but I assumed you disabled 50-50 rewards because you were afraid SBD reward would not be motivating enough for people to invest into the Steem ecosystem or something.

Yes that is alsp true @katamori but I have to do what the community wants and I had many feedbacks on that since the start

Understandable. Actually even I'm glad you added this option, and truth be told, it makes more sense because SBD fulfills the original purpose of the site: direct payment reward for contribution.

Accumulating SP is a noble idea, definitely, but not viable for mass adoption. I guess the fact the community asked you for supporting SBD is another indicator for it.

Then again, don't take it as criticism - I rather tried highlighting both sides of the "coin".

Good job sir! @elear

Ciao @elear... I have a question for you: Utopian bot upvote only post involving utopian.io or the whole steemit community posts regardless of content?

Congratulations on impressive utopian.io rise!

@miti only posts submitted from utopian.io

maybe my website to sell/buy artworks (steemarket.com) - when properly developed - could be in the category "visibility", since it's mostly a showcase.

You guys are quite fortunate.

I will continue supporting Utopian as long as I am able. Let's raise a glass to a long and prosperous development.

Thanks for keeping everything so clear.

Its easy to see that Utopian is here to stay. Thank you.

Wow, @utopian-io could seriously be the Steem blockchain's killer app more so than Steemit!

You are getting BIG!

Nice post
I'm new here and I'm learning everyday as well 😏😏

Very interesting post, thank you !

nice .... carry on dear

There is lot of information for a newbie to take in at once , but yeah thanks !

Good content, best information and awesome reward @elear. Congrats!

I am definitely going to be looking more into Utopian! I have heard of it but I never really looked into it. At first, I thought it was something I could not be involved in, but I believe I am wrong!

steemit_id steemit.id tweeted @ 14 Nov 2017 - 05:41 UTC

Utopian: 4 New Categories - New Search - New Bot - Almost 4 MILLION! — Steemit

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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I would like to organize the utopian.io wiki on Github to add the how to we are and will be writing or the translations but I do not have access to the wiki section, do you know why ?

Hey @chrisaiki. I am not sure can you join us on Discord? https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x

Hope this to be secure enough

Amazing talent people in organize, thanks @elear

I'm at a loss for words mainly because I have little to no idea what all this means ...yet!

Follow me and i will follow you back

Good post. Thank you @elear.

I voted for you and followed you, you will vote and follow me

we are follow me.i well follow you.

Good job @elear and @utopian-io team. Am more exited to see this updates :)

Nice and good job dear
I always spot you

Choose 100% SP or 50%SP/50% SBD

I suppose is not possible to change the posts already created as 100% SP?

Utopian Bot Update

Bot has +24 hours without voting, a lot of delayed votes, and it is at 100% VP at the moment. It is off?
[EDIT: Added more info in a reply bellow]

The new search feature

That was fast! someone is the flash of programming.

Utopian is almost 4 MILLION SP!

Impressive indeed.

Finally he bot started voting like a hour ago, only voted 15 times, and skipped like 50 posts, I suppose for preserving VP.

The curious part is the bot didn't voted by date of the post, looks random to me.

@nehomar nothing is random. We were waiting for the bot to reach 100% and to accept more contributions we had in pending review since they are increasing of 100% rate every day. On top of that the bot votes first the post with a bigger number of votes. Please don't jump to conclusions without having a picture. If you want you can join us on Discord for these kind of questions. Thanks https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x

Please don't jump to conclusions without having a picture.

No problem, it's not complain but analysis. I am trying just that, "having a picture" of how the bot vote. Curiosity of how is going to manage the approximate 65 posts that was/are pending to vote.

@nehomar the bot never use more than 20% of its power each time and each category has a given percentage of it based on the work required. Moderators make sure the contributions submitted in highly voted categories respect the rules and are worth it, plus the bot has many params to judge the voting power to assign. This is the logic behind it.

I love reading how you are always keeping developing and updating great job

All I can say is thank you. I'm not a programmer but I know the amount of work that goes into these type of projects. Thanks for making Steem a better place. You're awesome! @rawdawg

be great if there was a way for the open source project makers to get in touch with video creators, i make courses and screencasts to get them to do a demo of the software or explain it. i'd be happy to record those as interviews or screencasts if there was a feature to request someone on steemit to do it.


amazing as ever @elear (utopian)

well done. please vote for me and follow me

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