@elear we are grateful for the massive value you have added to our community within your first month of joining Steem by creating !

Thanks @jerrybanfield. Really a bunch! I hope Utopian will be able to handle this traffic since @ned just made a tweet about Utopian as well :D. Your support gives me the biggest motivation of my life.


Dude you just boosted open source development that much more! Thank you, you're awesome! Also thank you Jerry for bringing this to my attention!

We hope @ned can do something better to help @utopian-io grow-up, as intermediaries (amongst contributor to the open source-based steem blockchain) to make a steemit more visible and more ferfect so that wil make it grow-up faster also...:)

Yesterday he made a tweet about utopian :)

Such delegate some SP maybe...:D

Thanks this is amazing!

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