1UP-Date: Aligning with #TribeVibes & How the 1UP SMT Project Will Benefit Steemit & Everyone on the Platform

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This is a good promotional post for 1UP, a project we're quite fond of in Utopian. With #tribevibes, you have your own relevant story to tell about the project, this giving it the requisite editorial content. It is also great to see 1UP put a new community in place of the departing dlive so quickly. Congrats to all parties involved.

The post had some minor issues of style and grammar. Going forward, I would suggest using a service such as Hemingway or Grammarly to try and find those and weed them out before posting. I'm happy to provide examples in a follow-up comment if you're interested.

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Thank you for your time, Didic. I checked your review and saw that you marked this post as not being part of a series. However, as you see with the series backlinks and the standardized blog style for our 1UP posts, this is afterall part of growing decentralization. I can't handle all the ten starting communities alone. So we will have community moderators who work with me on the specific updates. This will not effect our total amount of contributions but helps to share the work. We arrange for beneficiary rewards for the Fundition campaign as well as for @utopian.pay (starting with this post).

We are also reaching more people that way through the followers of the co-authors.

With the exception of #iamutopian posts (where the questionnaire scores doesn't matter, as Utopian management does the official scoring), we don't tend to treat posts by different accounts as parts of the same series. Anyone could add backlinks to another author's series on the same subject, after all. And this is clearly not an official 1UP post (or it would be posted to the official Steem account). This post has a different point of view: That of someone from one of 1UP's communities.

We don't usually discuss scores in comments, but it may put you at ease to know this post was scored quite well by the questionnaire, regardless of the series issue.

Ok, I understand that. Thank you for your feedback.

Can you please point out the specific styling and grammatical errors your are referencing? The Hemingway site you offered is suggesting that about 95% of my post is an error, which tells me that the site is not functioning as intended.

When Hemingway marks a sentence, that doesn't mean it thinks it's an error. It does have false positives, though. It's certainly an imperfect tool, but is useful in pointing to potentially problematic areas.

Now, on to the examples. As I said, these are minor issues.

  • "Along side" is a single word. "Alongside."

  • "Each day there will be ten posts per tag which the community has awarded the most votes" is clunky, and the mixed tenses are confusing.

  • "You can increase your chances each day by adding another qualifying post to the pool, and as stated above, once selected, you will be in cool-down to give others a chance to be selected." This one is too long, and should be at least two sentences.

  • "The UA score is the product of a rigorous algorithm tracking following patterns down to a few degrees, plus various other factors, to calculate a complex equation that produces a number for all Steemit accounts." Again, this sentence is very long.

  • "Conversating with @flauwy about the future of this project led us to discussing" Setting aside my dislike of "conversating" - which is not quite a real word, and would be best replaced with the simpler "talking" or "conversing" - the real grammar issue here is that it should be "led us to discuss."

  • "After several brainstorming sessions with some of my co-workers, @alchemage, and @hempress, we came up with a tag for the tenth and final spot on the 1UP support list, that represents all of our tribes, conscious communities, and all other conscious creators our communities have yet to discover." This one has multiple issues. Starting with my usual "too long" complaint. "Some" is both the wrong word and redundant if you're going to then name two specific people.

Love that you are bringing us together for a higher purpose and will definitely be using #tribevibes! I'm involved in a number of your communities and it is blowing me away what wonderful communities they are and now we will be uniting with more wonderful communities! Thanks so much for putting this together!

I just saw the dots in front of me and realized it is my destiny to connect them. I am just happy to be making a real difference, thank you for your support @porters.

Yes it is a wonderful thing and it should be interesting to see how it all plays out! #tribevibes!

Indeed it should. I am excited for the future.

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So good that we are doing this! I feel empowered but this opportunity and am glad that DLive left and opened its spot for a much more important community. Let us make #tribevibes a source of support to heal the world.

Absolutely, I am honored to be a part of this initiative as well. Great work @flauwy, looking forward to next month's release.

Fantastic idea! I love this new tag. That’s likely the one I’ll wind up using the most. Great advancements.

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Ditto, this post is the first time ever the #tribevibes tag had been used. I am sure this will be a big attraction in no time.

this is so great, really positive way to promote and support all the amazing work that this communities are doing. This is what community/Tribe work is all about, thank you @elamental, @hempress and @flauwy for this wonderful creation and one I will definitely be using xxx

We are very excited to see this through, I cannot wait to see this in action on the 1UP system next month.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

This all just keeps getting better and better!

Brilliant. Your work here is blowing me away. Love the #tribevibes unity love... we are all truly hive minding a plan for a better world. Big, big love.

Thank you @riverflows, @hempress came up with "Tribe Vibe" and I added the "S", but really this whole idea was spawned by @flauwy, @hempress, and I.

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ok i got it! i hadn't seen this and this is awesome!! woot

1UP... first time I hear of this. I am still a lkttle confused about what's going down once the HF21 comes in place, every community will have it's own SMT? 1UP is one of these tokens atempting to unites all the tribes you mentioned?

I like the idea of uniting all the esoteric groups. And I stil don't understand how Airdrops work... can anyone explain briefly please.

Thanks for all your work! #tribevibes

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