Suggestion: Add option to rewrite all image embeds in SelfSteem articles to HTTPS

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This post is about the SelfSteem repository by @almost-digital, which is described in and recently updated in, of which one of them was based on my issue. This has been a very good tool to sync a website with my Steemit posts.
One problem that I have experienced was that if the images embedded in the original Steemit post was plain http:// rather than https://, the Steemit website rewrites it to but not SelfSteem. When I made the mistake of embedding an image in http:// and not https:// and I discovered it after 7 days, after which I can edit the post, I get a mixed content error on my website and there is basically no way to fix it. Even CloudFlare cannot rewrite embeds from JavaScript with its Automatic Rewrite HTTPS tool, so the only way is to add a feature related to this in the repository. The components related to this should be in the resulting selfsteem.js file.


The Node.js scripts that are related to this should be changed to embed images that have http:// to //.
This is implementable by finding http:// links in formats such as ![Description]( within the original Steem post to ![Description](// or ![Description]( This may be implemented using a search/replace code or some other way. An alternative is to change the img tag in the finished HTML, for example <img src="" alt="Description" style="width:362px;height:362px;"> to <img src="//" alt="Description" style="width:362px;height:362px;">.
Also, a more plausible, and possibly easier alternative is to feed the URLs from to show the images on the SelfSteem-based websites. Sites like and show images from the image proxy, so this can make an easier and more universal solution.

Mockups / Examples

If this is implemented, browser screens will show

Image source:
instead of showing situations like

Image source:
No non-HTTPS warnings will be shown, and this will contribute to giving website users more security.
An example from the alternative solution is that the resulting site will link to <img src="" alt="Description" style="width:362px;height:362px;"> instead of <img src="" alt="Description" style="width:362px;height:362px;"> for their images.


Solving this problem will lead to better HTTPS compatibility, which will secure the connections between the website and the users. Also, better compatibility between other Steem content hosting websites such as and, and can be ensured by implementing the image embed links to if the second method is implemented.
Thank you very much.


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