Storjshare icon for program disappears in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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  • GUI Version: v7.3.4 (latest as of April)
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04 with the default Ubuntu Gnome Desktop Environment

Expected behaviour

When the Storjshare program is executed, the program should show the normal Storj icon like img (Image property of Storj Labs Inc.). Also, a button with the Storj icon, showing that Storjshare is currently executing, should be shown on the tray bar.

Actual behavior

Like the above images, the icons show an error. Also, the icon on the taskbar, which has a function of showing the users whether Storjshare is operating, does not show at all, like the image below. Therefore, for sure, this is not a simple cosmetic issue for users experiencing this error.

How to reproduce

In Ubuntu 18.04, install storjshare-gui.amd64.deb with the command sudo gdebi storjshare-gui.amd64.deb or using any other package manager. Execute the Storjshare program, and look at the task bar. Ubuntu 18.04 users may experience this error.

Recording Of The Bug (Screenshots)


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I was able to reproduce the bug on my Ubuntu build. Thank you for the report!

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