Raspberry Pi GPIO LED Lighting with the Neurosky Mindwave and Mindwave Mobile Electroencephalography (Brainwave, EEG) Sensor

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Raspberry Pi GPIO LED Lighting with Neurosky Mindwave and Mindwave Mobile

How to download and execute:

(sudo) pip install nled

(sudo) python -m nled

(You need root permission because of rfcomm)

You need to connect Red LED(s) to GPIO 23, Yellow LED(s) to GPIO 24, Green LED(s) to GPIO 18

Other than this, you don't need any knowledge of Linux or python, etc to execute this.



There will be a warning about GPIOs later on if you use anything other than Ctrl+c

It may be good to use sudo pkill -f python(Optional, all python scripts will terminate)

If you are using NeuroSky MindWave with RF Connector, there may be a warning or traceback about bluetooth not existing.

Just don't look at it. It isn't a problem and it will work as usual.

(Yet, I didn't use it, so if there's any other problems, feel free to make an issue on github)

And there will be an exception few seconds after start if you don't connect/turn on the headset.

For both cases, do Ctrl+c to turn off the program (and turn on the headset if you have the latter problem) and just execute the program again.

For NeuroPy library(improved speed with buffers, it comes with the package)
NeuroPy library written in python to connect, interact and get data from Neurosky's MindWave EEG headset.

This library is based on the mindwave mindset communication protocol published by Neurosky and is tested
with Neurosky Mindwave EEG headset.

More about the difference between the models of MindWave can be found HERE.


  1. Importing the module: from nled import NeuroPy

  2. Initialising: object1=NeuroPy("COM6",57600) #windows
    object1=NeuroPy("/dev/rfcomm0",57600) #linux

  3. After initialising , if required the callbacks must be set
    then using the start method the library will start fetching data from mindwave
    i.e. object1.start()
    similarly stop method can be called to stop fetching the data
    i.e. object1.stop()

The data from the device can be obtained using either of the following methods or bot of them together:

  • Obtaining value: variable1=object1.attention #to get value of attention

    # other variables: attention,meditation,rawValue,delta,theta,lowAlpha,highAlpha,lowBeta,highBeta,lowGamma,midGamma, poorSignal and blinkStrength

  • Setting callback:a call back can be associated with all the above variables so that a function is called when the variable is updated. Syntax: setCallBack("variable",callback_function)

    for eg. to set a callback for attention data the syntax will be setCallBack("attention",callback_function)

    # other variables: attention,meditation,rawValue,delta,theta,lowAlpha,highAlpha,lowBeta,highBeta,lowGamma,midGamma, poorSignal and blinkStrength

Sample Program

from nled import NeuroPy
object1=NeuroPy("COM6") #If port not given 57600 is automatically assumed
                        #object1=NeuroPy("/dev/rfcomm0") for linux
def attention_callback(attention_value):
    "this function will be called everytime NeuroPy has a new value for attention"
    print "Value of attention is",attention_value
    #do other stuff based on the obtained value of attention_value
    #do some more stuff
    return None

#set call back:

#call start method

while True:
    if(object1.meditation>70): #another way of accessing data provided by headset (1st being call backs)
        object1.stop()         #if meditation level reaches above 70, stop fetching data from the headset

More Information


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