No OpenID Button for Gopi Vanilla Forum Theme and Resolutions

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Gopi is a theme for Vanilla Forums, which I consider to have a nice UI. However, I have seen major problems using the OpenID login with this theme.

Expected behavior

For all Vanilla forum themes, if the plugins for signup using Facebook, Google, OpenID, Twitter is enabled, the buttons for the options should show normally. Facebook is dark blue color, Google is red, OpenID is orange, and Twitter is cyan normally for the buttons.

Actual behavior

However, the OpenID buttons are missing in the main screen, and they only show up as a textlink when you are in the main login screen, after you click the login button.

How to reproduce

If you are a normal user, you just have to go to a website that has the Gopi theme without editing the original code.
If you are a Vanilla Forum Manager, go to your dashboard, then click on Social Media orSocial Connect Addons, and enable the OpenID Plugin.
Then, if you log out, you will see the same situation as the screenshot above.

  • Browser: Chrome
  • Operating system: Windows 10


I have searched the code, and I found that the social icon button code was at line 3097 of design/style.css. There was not an option for OpenID buttons at all. Therefore, I added the code for an OpenID button, and used FontAwesome to supply the icon for OpenID, and made a pull request.
Please see the details in
The pull request is not confirmed, therefore anyone who needs the theme may use my fork on

@pharesim #untalented

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