Change Android Elecroneum app to keep running even if closed in recent apps

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About an hour and a half ago at the time of writing, the mobile mining experience for the Electroneum Android app was released. I am currently operating the miner now, and I am very satisfied.
However, the part that I think that needs improvement, is that if I close the app in the recent apps section by swiping the app window or touching the clear all button, the mining process terminates. Considering that many people use this app for a long time in their backgrounds, it is crucial to preserve the process even though the app is cleared in the recent apps section.


For example, the OpenVPN Connect app on android still keeps the process up even if it is removed from the recent apps section. OpenVPN Connect always keeps a notification if the process is running. If a user clicks the notification, the management section of the app easily comes back. Electroneum also keeps a notification, and the management screen also easily comes back. However, if the app is removed from the recent apps screen, everything disappears, and the mining process terminates.
Therefore, I believe that even when the Electroneum app is removed from recent apps, it should also keep running like OpenVPN Connect or any other similar apps.

Mockups / Examples

I believe that pictures are not needed for this, since the concept is to keep everything as the app was originally doing, even if the app is removed from the recent apps section.


I believe that this will benefit all Android Electroneum miners because this will ensure concurrent mining in most cases, and reduce clunky recent app sections, along with preventing unintended terminations during mining. We do not have to keep the app in the recent app sections. I hope the developers address this suggestion as soon as they have time to improve things.
Thank you very much for reading this.

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