Hay @eastmael and thank you for the offer <3

Hm, the master branch is quite messi at the moment as I am still not able to test stuff. As you may have read, I try to restructure Steem to work with the refactored api (Appbase API). Sadly, Jussi, the proxy Steem is running infront of their nodes, does not accept those calls yet (see ) so I guess it makes more sense to wait until things can be tested again.

But there is one really old task that already cost me a lot of nerves which can already be done by using SteemJ 0.4.3:

This task is about documenting how the "DiscussionQuery" object is working. (More information can also be found in this post: )

I, and a lot of users :P, would like to know which parameters have which effect on which 'sort_by' filter.

If you are interested in, you could either commit JavaDoc that explains everything or publish a post in the documentation category of Utopian where you describe the behavior. I would then use your post to update the SteemJ wiki.

For more technical tasks I guess I will come back to your offer when things can be tested again :)

Thank you once again and best regards!

Thank you. Will return to this for reference.

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