Introducing Adom static: minimal static self-hosted personal Steem site

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Adom is a suite of new beautiful minimal personal Steem blogging interfaces. Personal in the sense that you could install them on your personal domain or subdomain.


Cookie notifications

Adom supports a nice cookie disclaimer notice that shows up to first time users. The modal can only be closed if the user accepted the terms and will be hidden to the same user for the next 60 days.

You can tweak the cookie reminder message age and the message as you please.

Single configs

In this static app, setting most configs can be a challenge as it would require the user to manually edit each static page during every update.

With this app, global values including:

  • steem personal account
  • number of posts to load on the homepage
  • number of  posts to load on the blog page
  • steem app to direct posts links to(steemit/busy)
  • contact urls
  • steem api
  • social media links

are all bundled into a universal configs object which is served on all pages through the custom.js file. This means you have one single entry point to edit any of these configs at, and it will be updated on all relevant pages!

Powerful previewer

The Adom preview renderer is one of the most powerful I've built, far better than that currently on Peer Query and my other projects. It should render the generic text-only summary of any post, regardless of the markup.

Email catching box

With this utility, you could easily capture emails of visitors to further interact with them when they are away. According to research and Forbes, email marketing this still the most effective medium to reach people.

The email capture box does not work since this is a simple static site. You would have to configure it to send emails to the email marketing provider of your choice.

Mobile ready

Adom lite beautifully stack up on all mobile and tablet screens.

Default pages

  • home
  • about
  • work
  • blog
  • contact
  • subscribe
  • terms of use
  • privacy policy

Possible uses

Personal or project blog

While the Steemit personal account page is OK, sometimes you want to host your own domain on your own domain. If you want that, but do not want any huge setup for any complicated tools or web host system, then this app is for you.

Just download or clone it, tweak it to meet your brand then upload it as a .zip file to any free static web hosting service!

Just remember that people would not be able to vote or comment on your posts from there so it is NOT an alternative to your Steemit profile, it is only a nice personalized compliment.

Personal brandable interface

With a static site, you get to customize it to display whatever you want. You could show list products you are working on or promote whatever you want with a customizable interface.


Very minimal build

Adom runs on Skeleton CSS boilerplate, which is not even a framework. It is very beautiful but also very small. The other dependencies are JQuery and DSteem, making the site extremely small in size.

Fully static

All files are static HTML pages with not frontend libraries.

Free hosting support

As a static site, you can easily deploy it to several free static hosting services including:

  • Github pages
  • Netlify


No content rendering

While it is tempting to let users read content directly on your site, that is not supported currently for the following reasons:

  • users cannot interact with content since they cannot log in to the site. readers cannot vote or comment on your posts
  • loading on static pages could leave ugly urls

If requested by the community, native content rendering would be supported. For now, you can only choose to display your content on Steemit, Busy or Steempeak.

No dynamic sitemap

As a static site, we cannot produce dynamic sitemaps. You would have to manually create and update your sitemap when needed.

No posting

It would be nice to allow for the owner to publish posts or let users post comments to Steem, however, since its a static app they would have to use their posting key.

While most people who install Adom static might have good motives, one single person with bad motives could undermine that trust and harvest all keys used on their site.

For this reason, posting functionality is not included.


How to install

  • download the zip file from Github, or fork to your local folder
  • edit the HTML pages to reflect your message and brand
  • update the configs.js file in the /configs folder to the appropriate values
  • upload the file to any static hosting, eg: Netlify, or Github pages

Live demo - using @Steemitblog for the demo due to its content.

What's the future?

Adom is an Institute project hence once the Institute is live we would further its developments and make it possible to post and comment from it.

Also, this static version of Adom is only one of the three version under development. We would need these sites for the Institute blogs which is why they are being released now.

The lite version features a full blogging app powered by Node.js with impressive features, while the full version features a full CMS solution with themes.


Github repo:


This post is a nice introduction to an intriguing project, well written and presented.

I would have liked to have seen more details on the project, specifically more graphics illustrating the look of a personalized Steem site.

I would also be very interested in seeing if a solution could be found to use the self-hosted site as a fully featured Steem site, with commenting, voting, and posting. As it is, it feels more like a showcase than a project that many will use. But it still technically impressive, and I like the availability of a mobile option, as well as a full CMS option - though I would have liked more detail on that front as well.

All in all, this is a fine post, and one I was happy to read.

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