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SteemMakers and Steemauto Curation Trail Integration

in utopian-io •  5 months ago

When writing contributes for the Steemmakers - Maker and DIY community, the most value comes from the voting trail rather than the direct votes from the @steemmaker account. This contribution wants to make those valuable supporters visible on the SteemMakers webpage and adds a voting trail list. As most of the trailers are using @steemauto, the idea was born to integrate both websites automatically.

Repositorys and Commits

Pull Request to Steemmakers

Pull Requests to Steemauto

New Steemauto API

In the first step, I did add a JSON API to @steemauto that allows being called from an external website to get the data from the database.

This part is written in PHP and also not just provides an API to the voting trail of an account but also to your fanbase.

Example Voting Trail from SteemMakers:

Example FanBase from me:

Thanks to @dmxmaster, he is my first fan!
Feel free to join him at if you want to support me.

Further details about the API can be found in the post from @Mahdiryari.

New SteemMakers TrailList Vue.js Component

To integrate the new API into @steemmakers, I had to get used to the new website framework created by @Jefpatat.

As I did program javascript about 15 years ago, this turned out to be a very learning intensive experience. I didn't know anything about vue.js and was using the first time the SteemJS library to calculate the vote value for each account in the list.

I need to mention 2 posts where I did learn a lot from, and that did help me write this code:

  1. "How to calculate 100% vote worth" from @raserrano: This one provided some basic formula and rules on how to calculate the vote value in SBD.

  2. "My First Steem.js Adventure, Part 2:..." from @jeffbernst: This was the post where I finally learned how to marry the SteemJS library together with the "Promise" concept from Javascript. Spend about 2 days before on the problem that all those calls where async and I had to wait for them to finish before I could start the calculation. I was burning in the callback hell, and it did hurt!

Todo List for VotingTrail Component

It's not yet finished. As i hope that more steemians join the in the voting trail, we soon need some support for pagination in this list. It is also planned to add this component onto the front page to show the top x voters to a broader audience. For this purpose, the vue.js component would need some parameters to be configured for different places.

We also have some essential vote trailers that don't use SteemAuto to follow the @SteemMakers votes. With @utopian-io being the biggest one of them. The next step will be to add the possibility for adding Trailers manually. As there is no automation possible, I consider a JSON file to add additional accounts to the list.

Join the SteemMaker Trail

Now it is up to you! Join the voting trail of steemmakers. You will not just vote for a maker and DIY content you also get some visibility back.

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just joined the trail, thought i had already. thanks for keeping steemmakers going

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