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I recently made an open source project for Utopian.io with the help of my friend and animator @eliharrigan and my wonderful producer friend @gilliancrawford. I wanted to give you an inside look on the behind the scenes of the animation…everything from the vision to the creative process, and all about After Effects.

We begun by taking a brief from @elear and building it out into a full animation script. From there, we worked on the character design and the other animation elements.

Eli is a super talented animator that was the perfect person to collaborate with on this project. I showed him a few examples of other animations I had done in the past, and we decided to go with a look of exploding backgrounds.

As we moved into After Effects to begin the full animation process, Eli mentioned always wanting to try out an idea he referred to as a “digital glitch.” He perfected the effect and then we used this digital glitch as the recurring theme in our animation. Though hard to get the complete feel for it in a still, examples of the digital glitch can be seen in the screenshots below:

Overall, we knew we wanted our animation for Utopian to be epic. The use of exploding backgrounds, the digital glitch, the colors, and the music all made it possible. These elements worked hand in hand ensuring that our animation was, in fact, epic.

You can check out the full After Effects file here:


Stay tuned for more on how we made our Utopian.io open source project!

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Like what octp (🐙) said glad, and we know it will be nice

Thanks @marshalllife!

I'm so glad you are doing an animation for Utopian

Well you advised this guy and I am glad I have accepted your advise ;)

It's been such a pleasure!! Thanks!

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

If you can add it as a GIF file or as a video in this post it will be much appreciated, so that everyone can see.

You can contact us on Discord.

Wow, thank for kindly providing this AE file. I don't normally play with AE, only use the software for some minor additional effects, but this template should be helpful - I was actually going to make a scene with a character wearing some specific glasses and seeing stuff like the one shown the screen shots you've provided - the one that looks like anaglyph 3d. Wanted to achieve the same effect, so looks like this is my lucky day. Thanks again!

This sounds great! Keep up the great job everyone!

Most of this goes way over my head but it looks awesome

Thanks full-steam-ahead!

Very awesome work! Just one comment: I hated those digital glitches. Confused my eyes. Everything else: superb.

Thanks so much @techslut, glad you like the animation! And thanks for your constructive feedback.


Thank you for the contribution...nice animation.

Thank you!

great job likee it and upvoted