Bug fix: Password length problem

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Bug Fixes

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I had started to create a translation of the project and I found the problem with the password length.
When you are in the registration site it looks that length should be longer then 8.

But when I clicked into "Register now". It shows 6. Which value is a good one?

I've checked source code and:

        if(strlen($password) < 6) {
  • What was the solution?

I've changed the translation, but I think that possibility to change it easily is better. In the future will be possible to change value and use $config->get('')

I changed translations to use sprintf instead of hardcoded values.

$LNG['registerPasswordDesc']        = 'The password must be at least %s characters long.';
$LNG['registerErrorPasswordLength'] = 'The password must be at least %s characters long!';

and I've changed the main class to use sprintf:

        if(strlen($password) < 6) {
            $errors[]   = sprintf($LNG['registerErrorPasswordLength'], 6);

Also I've added a new variable for the template:

            'referralData'      => $referralData,
            'accountName'       => $accountName,
            'externalAuth'      => $externalAuth,
            'universeSelect'    => $universeSelect,
+           'registerPasswordDesc'  => sprintf($LNG['registerPasswordDesc'], 6),
            'registerRulesDesc' => sprintf($LNG['registerRulesDesc'], '<a href="index.php?page=rules">'.$LNG['menu_rules'].'</a>')
                <label for="password">{$LNG.registerPassword}</label>
                <input type="password" class="input" name="password" id="password">
                {if !empty($error.password)}<span class="error errorPassword"></span>{/if}
-               <span class="inputDesc">{$LNG.registerPasswordDesc}</span>
+               <span class="inputDesc">{$registerPasswordDesc}</span>


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Ok. I understand but it can be difficult to fix bug with more lines.