Steem White Paper Greek Translation Final Part (+1010 Words)

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Steem White Paper on CrowdIn

Project Details

A White Paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Source

In this translation session I continued with the Steem White Paper. The majority of the strings was already translated, so I started reviewing the strings and correct anything that was/is not sitting well. In this session I finished the translation, so the translation level got to 100%

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

Subject to @ruth-girl's proof-reading, this is the third part of the translation, and it brings the White Paper to 100% completion.

  • Languages

The project was translated from English to Greek. I'm a native Greek and because of my job (programmer) English is a "must learn" language.

  • In this session

In this session I finished the translation of the White Paper in Greece. It was a very difficult task, as any of the original strings were badly written, and it took a while to make them sound in Greek as intended (and not as written). The part featured information on how Steem allows anyone to make money on the internet, and how monetisation through ads can lower the content's value, among others. I'll be back soon to translate the White Paper Genesis! For now I need a break from any white-papers! :P

  • Word Count

Using my proprietary method of calculating translated words, I estimate that I have translated an extra of 1010 words, to a total of ~11280 words (11874words translated as Crowdin states on the report, minus a 5% for untranslated words, and because of the way I'm rounding, the numbers don't exactly add up).

Proof of Authorship

Thank you everyone for taking your time to read about my contribution. If you have any questions about the White Paper and the way the Steem Blockchain works, feel free to ask them in the comments and I'll try my best to answer you.

Big thanks to the @utopian-io and @davinci.witness teams for making this possible, and also to the rest of the people of the Greek Translation Team that I'm proud to be part of. Feel free to follow the rest of them to check their translations!




And last but not least @ruth-girl our Language Moderator!

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Thank you for contributing to the Davinci-Utopian translation project @dimitrisp!
This was your 17th contribution to the project and the 10th and final part of the Steem White Paper.

As I stated in your first post on the White Paper translation:
After completing the Steem Bluepaper, you have moved to the White Paper, a long and difficult text with complex meanings. Your task is a difficult one and requires concentration in order to provide a correct translation that won’t deviate from the original text.
When you started working on the project some strings were already translated but not approved, so you had to go through all the work previous translators had done before you, check it for errors and inaccuracies and fix them.

After a long and difficult journey, this project has reached to an end. Some may think that the White Paper is not a difficult text, but I believe they are wrong. Having read that and troubled myself to understand its peculiar syntax in order to get the right meaning and ideas in Greek, I can tell that it is a text written in a style that was not the best in certain parts.

Your last White Paper contribution has no new or different comments from the previous 9, you delivered an excellent and well-written translation again. Your language is correct and your writing style makes the complex ideas described in English understandable in our mother tongue.

You have also given us a correct contribution post, by the set guidelines.

To sum up, you have done excellent! The project was delivered successfully and with a final Greek text of high quality. I am glad the White Paper was in your hands and following your example, I am picking up my strength to deal with the next White Paper project you’re going to translate… the Genesis!
Thank you for working with us! The team would not be the same without your presence! :)

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