ReactOS Greek Translation - Part 3 (~1163words)

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Project Details

ReactOS is a free and open source operating system written from scratch. It's design is based on Windows in the same way Linux is based on Unix, however ReactOS is not linux. ReactOS looks and feels like Windows, is able to your run Windows software and your Windows drivers, and is familiar for Windows users.

Development began in 1996, as a Windows 95 clone project, and was continued as ReactOS in 1998, with the incremental addition of features of later Windows versions.

As of July 2018, ReactOS is considered alpha software, feature-incomplete but with many Windows applications already working (e.g. Adobe Reader 6.0, OpenOffice, etc) and therefore recommended by the developers only for evaluation and testing purposes.

ReactOS is released under GNU GPLv2 Open Source license, with some parts released under LGPL and BSD licenses.

Sources: Wikipedia/ReactOS & ReactOS Official Website

Contribution Details

Translation Overview

This is the third part of the ReactOS translation. There are some strings that were already translated. I'm translating the project file by file, so as I'm encountering those translated strings I'm fixing them or leaving them alone (depending on what needs to be done)

Subject to @ruth-girl's proof-reading, the project is now 28% translated (minor change from the previous part, as most of the strings where already translated). ReactOS translations are split into many files, so I'm going on a per-file translation, aiming to hit 1200 words on each contribution.


The project is being translated from English to Greek. I'm a native Greek and because of my job (programmer) English is a "must learn" language.

In this session

I finished the translation of the Setup routine, the shell (console), the File Explorer and part of the diskpart utility of the operating system in this session.

Like in the previous part, there were a few things to take into consideration (for example, the keyboard menu shortcuts) on how to do them correctly, so it took me a while to design this in my mind. I would say the difficulty rised to above average, as there were a few things that will be printed to console, and I tried to make sure everything will look as intended.

Unfortunately some keyboard shortcuts had to be left out, because I ran out of letters on the words. Also, some translated strings got a lot larger than the original, which may cause issues in console and some apps. However, when the translation gets into ReactOS I will do a round of fixes to remedy all issues that may arise.

Word Count

I translated 1265 words, minus an estimated 8% for duplicates and untranslated words, which brings us to 1163 words, for a total of 3292 words out of 37669 words. All numbers were rounded to the nearest integer (as you obviously can't translate 724.24 words)

Proof of Authorship

tl;dr version

ReactOS is a great project, aiming to help the average Joe try a free alternative operating system, without having to change a lot of his habits. It has a long way to go though, as it is still in alpha development stage. I'm proud to translate this into Greek, as I've always been secretly supporting this project!

I have translated 1265 words (-8% for duplicates and untranslated words = 1163words) for a total of 3292 words out of 37669 words. I finally got to the harder parts of the OS, and I'm enjoying the process!

Thank you everyone for taking your time to read about my contribution. Big thanks to the @utopian-io and @davinci.witness teams for making this possible, and also to the rest of the people of the Greek Translation Team that I'm proud to be part of. Feel free to follow the rest of them to check their translations!




And last but not least @ruth-girl our Language Moderator!

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Thank you for another contribution to the Davinci-Utopian translation project @dimitrisp!
This was the 3rd part of the ReactOS project and your 20th contribution to the category so far.

This part, just like the other 2 that preceded, was another example of your excellent work! You gave a very accurate and functional translation. You paid attention in order to make all the keyboard shortcuts work and I like that you check the functionality of your work using the OS itself.

Your contribution post is also very good, detailed and explains the current activity of this session very well.

Thank you for working so hard! We are proud to have you on this team!

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Thank you for your great review! I am in the process of trying to import the translation into the operating system itself, and try everything in real time. Hopefully I'll complete this in the weekend and I'll submit some fixes (if needed).


This is something I'm looking forward to seeing how it works! :D


Thank you for your review, @ruth-girl!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hey @dimitrisp
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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