Metron Project - Introduction and Development Start

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New Features

CMS Setup:

October for Laravel Setup

Homepage Creation:

Homepage is now driven by the CMS, has some basic information and is ready for further UI and Informaton improvement.

Readme File Creation

Getting Started - Server Prerequisites - Installation Instructions - Technology Information and License.

License File

MIT License.

  • How did you implement it/them?

    CMS Setup

    October CMS has been chosen or the slenderness and efficiency. Setup and Adaption with Bootstrap has been made to provide a clean UI for Dekstop and Mobile Access: simple and as minimal as possible for development use, theme will be improved on production version and an Android APP builded as well. (commit link)

    Homepage Creation:

    Bootstrap based for Desktop and Mobile - Html Layout Creation with divided structure for low coupling theme design. Header, Body, Footer Divided and Code Enclosed in Individual files for further use for the other pages. (commit link)

    Readme File Creation (commit link)

    License File Creation (commit link)

What is the project about?

Metron is about a Human Powered Democratic Driven Platform to Discover, Rate and Promote Exceptional Content. Managed by the people for the people.
Development is just started and currently a basic CMS functionality is avaiable. The website is designed for Desktop and Mobile.

The project has got an introduction page on Steemit with coming features and design overview(link)

Technology Stack

Powered by Laravel and October.
React for production
jQuery for Early Stage Development


User Roles Managament : Curators and Authors.
Curators Registration
Authors Registration
Curators Dashboard
Authors Dashboard
Display Steem Content on The Plaform for Rating Purpose.
Build Rating System for Content
Display Rated Content on The Platform
Rating System Improvement
Voting System to Elect Curators
Community-Driven Rating System Factors - factors created and elected by Steemians.

How to contribute?

Contribution is Welcome


-Get in touch with me at then you can proceed:
-Fork it!
-Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
-Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
-Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
-Submit a pull request.

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

  • The project shows more than 8247 files changed which makes it impossible to judge the amount of work and most of the file seems to be autogenerated which are added and the next two linked commits are Readme file changed and LICENSE file added.

You can contact us on Discord.



Hi and Thank you for the feedback. Please let me go through all of these.

The CMS setup is included into the first commit which contains the CMS files, October. This is why lots of files are "deleted" since the repository was started as a fork of Laravel Application Boilerplate which I decided to not make use of anymore: so october came, new files, lots of deletions.

There should be 4 commit links for you not 3, this post is also about Homepage Creation and Instructions to setup the development copy of the project. Readme files is written by me, and procedure tested to make sure the other developers will get it right - did you experienced any problem with it on your machine?

Then there is the Homepage Creation which has got a different commit

Which should contain the text of the homepage.

So this post is about Homepage Creation, Readme with Instructions and hassle free procedure to get it Right and Project Introduction.

I am working on the project everyday and Roadmap will be soon followed. Also I am an old contributor for Utopian and Steemit being over here since 2016, and I am here build value and tools for the community - this is not about an autogenerated project :-) and you can see it, right?

I hope this comment makes sense and I invite you to read the attached Steemit post as well for the project outline and follow the development if you are interested.

Best Regards

Michael Asumcinei


Hi, I am @ms10398's supervisor, so I would like to clear up why your contribution was rejected

  • The first commit has 1,024,945 additions and 179,050 deletions, it's impossible to see if any of this was actually developed by you, or was just you adding October CMS files.
  • The second commit is the same, it seems like the only thing you changed from oc-bootstrap-v4-starter-kit is the text of the homepage (shown in your screenshot and linked here). This really isn't enough work to be accepted in the development category.
  • The third commit is you updating the README, which can't really be considered development.
  • The fourth commit is a license, which also can't be considered development.

If you disagree with my reasoning then feel free to contact me on Discord at Amos#4622 and we can discuss this further.


Hi Amos,

Thank you for the message. I really appreciate your overview.

I understand the points you made and it looks ok to me.

There's one thing related to dev category I don't understand yet: doesn't Utopian supports an open source project start and project blueprint posts above any implementation effort?

and I would also be interested to know, if and how much is the application architecture design work supported and accepted as contribution above the code implementation and if so what contribution category.

Thank you


Hi, sorry for the late reply, but here it is

  • Utopian rewards contributors for their work, so if a large part of a contribution is generated automatically for example (even though it's necessary for the project), then it probably won't be accepted.
  • I'm not sure what you mean by "application architecture design work" exactly, but for the development category we are really looking for something that has actually been implemented in the project.

I'm not sure if I understood your questions correctly, so if I didn't, then don't hesitate to ask them again!


Hi - I'll try to keep it as short and straight to my points as possible

  1. Your first answer on this comment touches my point, Utopian rewards work. But what about a Project Blueprint or Project Overview with an Analysis of a Problem and The Reasons of The Project. Does utopian support the writing work related to it? I'll make an example related to this question, does a post like this have any chance currently to be supported by Utopian vote for any of the categories?

  2. by "application architecture design work" I mean: Software Architecture Models as UML diagrams for example. Is this kind of work currently supported?

Thank you


Hi again, I'll try my best to answer your questions

  • This might be suited to the blog category, but I have no experience moderating that category so you are better off asking someone like @espoem or @roj about this.
  • This isn't currently supported (in the development category at least, not sure about others, but don't think it is).

If you have any other questions in the future it would probably be better if you contacted me on Discord at Amos#4622.


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