Good Idea?, System for moderators of steemhunt, a solution to the consumption of resources after hardfork 20, What do you think?

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Recently there has been a very complex series of changes at steemit and steemhunt level, adapting the platforms for future changes to come, creating an ecosystem more prepared to improve and make the user experience more favorable for the steemit blockchain where this stemhunt platform works and for users who interact daily in Steemhunt.

First of all, I remember very well the changes in the policies to establish a more equitable distribution of votes and recommendations and to have clear behavioural vaces in the platform, to maintain order and avoid abuses on the part of users who could only erudicate the operation of Steemhunt and the experience of enjoying knowing new products.

Then continuing with the processes of adaptation to the changes that are to come, a small voton arises, I'm not sure of its name, I must investigate a little better but it is a lottery of the smart token of steemhunt, where users participate in the airdrop and provides a fun aspect to the platform where they can recommend users with token, to be to acquire its monetary value which promises to be great, to complete the implementation of the Smart media token of steemit.

Between one thing and the other, changes arise everywhere and this is where my idea comes in, I have seen how the steemhunt team has had to delegate 1000 SP to the moderators because the recent change of Hardfork 20 made in steemit directly affects the work of these moderators because their work is almost totally Manuel, showing a great effort and dedication that some of the users are not aware of this, my respect for all of them for their great work, I have a small idea of how that is.

Well, this work, as I told them is manual, and they comment many publications and with the new system of resources they run out of RC to be able to comment and thus maintain the activity they did to report errors or that their publication is verified and everything they do, if you are a steemhunt user, you know what I'm talking about.

Description of the proposal

My proposal is to develop a system of verification of publications with only one vote exclusively available only to moderators, I'm sure that if this happens, will be much less work, I hope you like this idea, I love it, if a vote where only if you are moderator can see and click to verify or slide the publication and if this needs arrangements send the user to contact you in discord.

I have called this system moderator semaphore, something like that, of course the name you place it, but it will be like a semaphore, where red, serious not accepted publication, yellow contact the moderator by discord and green your publication is verified.

A small traffic light where the moderator selects the option you want to apply to the publication and for users is shown the color it has selected, to know this system users will see a color next to your publication and may know if it is verified, or if they should make changes to see the yellow and so on.

Models / Examples

his would be a preview of the system of moderators where they with a click could select at the traffic light their appreciation of the publication they are evaluating and thus make their work faster and easier, in addition to not using blockchain resources, this could be another web address or something like that just for the moderators.


his would be a preview of the system of moderators where they with a click could select at the traffic light their appreciation of the publication they are evaluating and thus make their work faster and easier, in addition to not using blockchain resources, this could be another web address or something like that just for the moderators.



the benefits are extensive, first do not consume steemit resources so the moderators do not need so much SP to perform their work of moderation, this would be done exclusively in the form of steemhunt without affecting the blockchain of Steemit, is a great advantage in terms of speed and consumption, and I'm sure that the operations performed by the moderators would be much faster, this could be a solution, which requires little programming and many benefits in the long run.

I'm sure the designers could find an aesthetic way to show this of verification with a small icon in a place where they think convenient, this is just a suggestion, maybe I'm not very good at this design.

What do you think? Could you use a solution to the consumption of resources and improve the experience of moderators when doing their work?.

Leave me your opinion in the comments and also possible suggestions, all are well received.

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Hello @difelice5000, thanks for contributing to the steemhunt project. We appreciate your effort and your generous concern to see this project (steemhunt) grow. I would like to point out some stuff which I want you to consider as "feedback" to help you improve in your next idea contribution via Utopian.

  • When suggesting a feature or enhancement to any project, you should consider a lot of factors and look for a long-term solution instead of a short-term solution. Do this without making the process a little bit complex than what originally exist. For example, having a traffic light like feature on steemhunt is an epic idea but have you also considered how this moderator will give effective feedback to their contributors? Did you also consider how mods activities will be monitored, reviewed and get some rewards being a moderator?

  • An in-depth idea contribution is highly encouraged. It should be descriptive, feasible and convincing. This will give the PO more understanding of what you want actualized.

Again, I am glad that you are supporting this project and I encourage you to keep submiting via Utopian.
Thank you.

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Thank you for your review, @knowledges!

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I upvoted your post.

Cheers to you.

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great idea

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