Suggesting For Music Timer To Be Added On Current Songs Playing In The Queue List On Phonograph Music Player

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Phonograph Music player is an open source application used for playing audio files.

I propose for the developers of this application to add a timer in the queue list that counts down showing the actual minutes a song or an audio files is being played.

Phonograph Music player is lacking this feature and i propose that it be upgraded so that when a user is listening to songs/audio files and is on the queue list, he/she will know the exact time that audio is lasting for.



When minimized you get something like this.


Phonograph Music player is an open source application that has over 1million downloads, 4.4stars rating with 33,065 voters on googleplaystore. This number already shows that the Music player has a huge fanbase and why this feature is of most importance.

This feature is of great importance to this application because when a user is creating a playlist he/she will know the estimated time for the playlist to be complete if he/she decides to leave it on the queue list.

  • It will give style and beauty to the music player.

  • It will reduce problems its users face trying to know the actual time a song is being played and playing for from the list.

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Hello @diamondvisuals, Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules. You suggestion is seen as a trivial suggestion. Thanks

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