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The Steem Plus logo was derived from the original Steemit Logo, which is still the logo for crytocurrency Steem.

Github Link: Stoodkev - Steem Plus
Profile: @steem-plus in Steemit
Developer: @stoodkev in Steemit

It's made up of the biggest wave in the logo - used twice - one for each color:

Download .PSD here.

They were then formed into a cross by forming an intersection with them and flipping the image horizontally:

Type and Logo from @steem-plus

I have decided to create a new version of the @steem-plus logo, which is pretty similar to the current one with just minor changes added.

I used this Logo here, which is a symmetrical logo of Steem:


Then I placed them, forming a cross, like this:


I used the Polygonal Lasso Tool to make some changes in the middle and make it look like that the 4 'hands' are connected on equally shaped joints:


I filled in the selection with the lighter blue color to make it look like this:


Logo was then flipped horizontally:


And was rotated 15 degrees counter-clockwise, resulting to this:


This is the final updated/new version logo I made for @steem-plus by @stoodkev.

Get the draft of the logo in a .PSB file from my Google Drive

I actually made 2 more variations of the finished logo.

Here's one of them with just an inner semi-opaque stroke was added:

logo 2.png

This next logo was based on the principles of Google's Material Design, I added a few more changes in the middle part of this variation:


What do you think? Did a minor change greatly improve it from the original logo? I will upload an animated 3D logo next! Thanks!

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Wow..! @deveerei much like the popular Spinner... Good.


Yes, it kinda looks like one. :)

I'm sorry, I must have missed something. Why are you doing this? Just for S & G's or do you plan to use it for something else?


This is a logo proposal for @steem-plus. I have the go signal from its developer to post this.




Nice work devereei !! What software do you use for these ?


I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 for this.


Thanks for the info. Will definitely try!


You're welcome!

can you put link file your work @deveerei
maybe direct to googledrive


Oops, yes still in the middle of that. I had to fix the post, but baby cried. :DDDD


Updated. (If you saw 3D ones before it was meant for the next post)


Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.


Thank you so much @arie.steem!

Ang lupet ng output ng design mo dev pwedeng pwede ng gamitin

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