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  • debato is an online platform built for accommodating online debates on topics big and small. Especially since the existing comment sections of many platforms can become an absolute mess, organizing these can create an interesting environment for constructive discussions and sub-discussions. Users can create custom discussions via the platform, view existing discussions and perform most of the common Steem operations such as upvote, comment, remove vote etc. A steemconnect login gives access to all these functionalities.

  • the platform is currently based on JavaScript and html and connects to the blockchain using the official steem-js library.

  • Roadmap: debato just made the transition from a one-man-effort by @samve to an open source project. The main focus currently lies on designing the interface for pleasant user experience and building a strong foundation for implementing future functionalities. These can include a visualized display of the current discussion, personal pages with a user's published discussions and whatever you can think of!

  • How can you contribute? Currently new visuals are requested. Meaning a brand logo/banner and a website layout. It would be also appreciated if you would share honest thoughts regarding the project or code that makes up the site.

If you are interested in the project, you can join the discord: or visit the GitHub repository:

GitHub Account


Hi, @debato (@samve)! I think it's a pretty interesting idea, and I'm curious to see how it will evolve in the future! The post itself seems like it would be better suited to the blog category since it's more of an introduction to the project - for the development category we like to see more information related to the development side of the process (see this guide for some tips). Nevertheless, I will review the code and give you some feedback and tips where I think they would help!

First of all, the URL you linked ( doesn't work, but does (you should really make it https anyway). After logging in it also still says you can log in (should show a username for example) and the upvote slider isn't really working correctly.

As for the UI, it's pretty basic, but that's to be expected of the first version. I would recommend checking out Grid or Flexbox, as that makes developing a website's layout pretty easy and quick!

For the project structure it would also be better to group files together in folders. So, for example, you should put all JavaScript files in a js folder, all CSS files in a css folder etc.

I would also recommend you use ESLint, as that will help you maintain a consistent, up-to-date style throughout your code. I say this because of e.g. the user of var when you should be using let and const, some inconsistent indentation etc.

Since you are just getting started with the project, maybe you could also think about switching to a framework like Vue.js or React, as I think that will also help once the project gets bigger. Of course it's possible to do everything using vanilla JavaScript, but it having a helping hand from a framework is nice.

I think I'll leave it at this, as I have written a quite a bit and it's probably a lot to think about (and I don't what to discourage you by overwhelming you with feedback)!

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Thank you for the feedback. What browser are you using because I can't seem to replicate any of those issues (log in option that stays visible, value of 5000%). I will definitely have a look at the other remarks, such as using ESLint, frameworks and the improvement of the file structure, it is much appreciated. https has also been activated

Sorry for the late reply, but I'm using Chrome on Ubuntu.

Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

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