TASK REQUEST: Logo Request for sportherald.org

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Sportherald.org is an open source project mainly created for sport lovers around the world. It is aim at rewarding sport predictors with accurate forecasting ability. Sportherald.org is built on steem block chain to create a community where sport lovers can come together to forecast/predict and at the same time get rewarded for their meticulous predictions.


This Task request is mainly for SPORTHERALD. We don’t have any particular design in mind but we are looking for a quality design. Contributors are free to use their idea to make a fascinating logo for sportherald and the design must be all about sports. I will like to add that we are color freak and beautiful colors will make the logo more appealing.

The color of the site should not be put into consideration in making the logo as we are going to enhance the UI soon. Any color that goes well with the design will be appreciated.

Logo design pattern must be Letter mark and brand mark or brand mark. i.e. [One with just the logo and one with logo and text].

Logo should be submitted in the following formats .png, .jpg and .svg

Logo dimension should be determined by the designer.

Color should be determined by the designer

Try to create something classy and modern


Logo will be used in site’s header and footer.

home page.png


The deadline is 24th June 2018.


Feel free to contact me (darewealth#5988) or ckole (Ckole#2959) on discord if you need any question or guideline to design an acceptable logo.



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Unfortunately this project is not developed enough to be approved for task request. We will gladly accept it once its closer to its final form. Thank you.

Thank you @andrejcibik, we had issues with the site but it has been resolved...you can check the site here..http://sportherald.org/.