additional notifications when uploading videos on "dtube"

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Here I would like to suggest that on dtube there is an additional notification at the bottom, because dtube does not have notifications like this at the bottom to upload vidio.
so it's easier when we upload vidio on dtube and beautify dtube with notifications like this at the bottom.


like my title above, I would like to submit an additional notification proposal at the very bottom when uploading videos on "dtube" with notifications like this will make it easier for us to upload videos on "dtube"

Mockups / Examples

suggestion notification I suggest like this might be useful for "dtube"
and I'll give you a sample notification and I'll upload a photo before I get a notification.

and here's an example of an additional notice at the very bottom of the "dtube"
When we want to upload vidio.


many benefits we can get with the addition of notifications like this. so we can change the language, notify our location, restricted mode, histoty and provide help to upload videos.
without having to go out to main page dtube.
may be useful

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it is not clear what you are suggesting and what are the benefits of this suggestion.

Your suggestion is very hard to understand. Please try to write good grammar and then submit your contribution.

You can contact us on Discord.

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